SCP - Containment Breach Wiki

Achievements are unlockable awards that the player can receive for completing specific tasks.

Icon Name In-Game Description Description
Achv008 Biohazard Encountered the Zombie Plague. Enter SCP-008's Containment Chamber.
Achv012 Scribe Encountered the Bad Composition. Encounter SCP-012 in its Containment Chamber.
Achv035 Curtains Down Encountered the Possessive Mask. Listen to SCP-035's monologue in the Control Room of its Containment Chamber.
Achv049 Doctor, Doctor Found the cure Encounter SCP-049 in the Surveillance Room or its Containment Chamber after turning the lights on.
Achv055 Anti-Meme Recontained SCP-055 Get one of the Endings.
Achv079 Deductive Reasoning Encountered the Old AI. Approach SCP-079 in its Containment Chamber after disabling the remote door control system in the Electrical Center.
Achv096 Don't Look At Me Encountered the Shy Guy. Encounter SCP-096 in the Small Server Room or the SCP-096 Lockroom.
Achv106 A Decayed March Encountered the Old Man. Encounter SCP-106 after it spawns near the player.
Achv148 Dirty Metal Acquired the "Telekill Alloy". Pick up the SCP-148 metal panel inside of SCP-035's Containment Chamber.
Achv205 Femme Fatale Encountered the Shadow Lamps. Open the locked door to SCP-205's Containment Chamber.
Achv294 OUT OF RANGE Obtained a liquid from the Coffee Machine. Approach SCP-294 inside of the Cafeteria.
Achv372 The Corner of Your Eye... Encountered the Peripheral Jumper. Spot SCP-372 in your peripheral vision after visiting its Containment Chamber.
Achv420 "Reggae, man." Smoked some good ass shit. Use SCP-420-J after finding it in the Head Office.
Achv427 Light of Life Found and equipped the "Lovecraftian Locket". Get SCP-427 by putting SCP-500 into SCP-914 on the "Fine" Setting.
Achv500 A Taste of Immortality Swallowed a sample of Panacea. Use SCP-500. It can spawn in the Small Storage Room in SCP-035's Containment Chamber, the code to the door is 5731. It can also spawn in the Small Generator Room in the Maintenance Tunnels.
Achv513 If You Ring It, He Will Come Encountered an Old Cowbell. Take SCP-513 from its Containment Chamber.
Achv714 Mental Exhaustion Found a Jaded Ring. Use SCP-714 after taking it from its Containment Chamber.
Achv789 "by researcher james, age 11" Encountered the Butt Ghost. Approach SCP-789-J inside the Toilets.
Achv860 Blue Hue Found a Blue Key. Take SCP-860 from its Containment Chamber.
Achv895 Interference Encountered an Old Coffin. Encounter SCP-895 in its Containment Chamber.
Achv914 Refinery Encountered the Clockworks Machine. Open the door to SCP-914's Containment Chamber.
Achv939 Show Yourself Encountered the Creatures with Many Voices. Enter Storage Area 6 by using one of the elevators.
Achv966 Rapid Eye Movement Encountered the Sleep Killers. Look at SCP-966 using the Night Vision Goggles after triggering it by entering its Containment Chamber.
Achv970 Recursive Spacial Phenomenon Encountered a Recursive Room. Go through one of the loops of SCP-970.
Achv1025 "Potential Bioweapon" Read the Encyclopedia of Common Diseases. Use SCP-1025 after grabbing it from its Containment Chamber. To negate its effects the player can use SCP-500 or wear SCP-714 while reading the book.
Achv1048 The Architect Encountered the Builder Bear. Encounter SCP-1048 behind the glass of the observatory room of the checkpoint rooms.
Achv1123 The Final Solution Encountered the Atrocity Skull. Use SCP-1123 after taking it from its Containment Chamber and go through all of its scenarios.
Achv1162 Pieces of the Past Encountered the Hole In The Wall. Reach into SCP-1162 in its Containment Chamber with at least one item in your inventory, which will be replaced by another item from SCP-1162.
Achv1499 Screams Of The Present Wore a GP-5 Gas Mask. Use SCP-1499 after taking it from its Containment Chamber.
AchvTesla Shell Shocked Lured the Old Man through a Tesla gate. Lure SCP-106 through a Tesla gate.
AchvMaynard The Containment Breach Entered Doctor Maynard's office. Open the door to Dr. Maynard's Office. The key code to access this room is randomized every playthrough. The code can be found written on the Burnt Note inside the Pocket Dimension or hidden in the series of beeps heard after putting a radio into SCP-914 on "Very Fine".
AchvHarp World-Ending Scenario Enter Doctor Harp's office. Open the door to Dr. Harp's Office with the code 7816.
AchvSNAV Technical Accomplishments Acquired the S-NAV Navigator Ultimate. Pick up the S-Nav Ultimate by putting the S-Nav 300 or the S-Nav 310 through SCP-914 on the "Very Fine" setting.
AchvOmni Unlimited Access Acquired an Omni-level Keycard. Pick up the Keycard Omni. To obtain in it you can put a level 5 keycard into SCP-914 on the "Fine" setting or placing any level keycard on the "Very Fine" Setting, though both options have a chance of creating a MasterCard instead. The chance is dependent on the number of achievements and the "Other difficulty factors" setting.
AchvConsole Fair Play Didn't use console commands. Get one of the Endings without using the Console.
AchvPD No Man's Land Escaped the Old Man's Pocket Dimension. Escape SCP-106's Pocket Dimension.
AchvKeter Survival In a Nightmare Beat the game on Keter difficulty. Get one of the Endings while playing on Keter difficulty.