SCP - Containment Breach Wiki

Achievements are unlockable awards that the player can receive for completing specific tasks.

Icon Name Description
Achv008.jpg Biohazard Encounter SCP-008.
Achv012.jpg Scribe Encounter SCP-012.
Achv035.jpg Curtains Down Encounter SCP-035.
Achv049.jpg Doctor, Doctor Encounter SCP-049.
Achv055.jpg Anti-Meme Recontained SCP-055.
Achv079.jpg Deductive Reasoning Encounter SCP-079.
Achv096.jpg Don't Look At Me Encounter SCP-096.
Achv106.jpg A Decayed March Encounter SCP-106.
Achv148.jpg Dirty Metal Obtain SCP-148.
Achv205.jpg Femme Fatale Upon triggering the SCP-205 event.
Achv294.jpg OUT OF RANGE Order a drink from SCP-294.
Achv372.jpg The Corner of Your Eye... Encounter SCP-372.
Achv420.jpg "Reggae, man." Smoke SCP-420-J.
Achv427.jpg Light of Life Equip SCP-427.
Achv500.jpg A Taste of Immortality Use SCP-500.
Achv513.jpg If You Ring It, He Will Come Ring SCP-513.
Achv714.jpg Mental Exhaustion Equip SCP-714.
Achv789.jpg "by researcher james, age 11" Encounter SCP-789-J.
Achv860.jpg Blue Hue Obtain SCP-860.
Achv895.jpg Interference Encounter SCP-895.
Achv914.jpg Refinery Encounter SCP-914.
Achv939.jpg Show Yourself Encounter SCP-939.
Achv966.jpg Rapid Eye Movement Encounter SCP-966.
Achv970.jpg Recursive Spacial Phenomenon Encounter SCP-970.
Achv1025.jpg "Potential Bioweapon" Read SCP-1025.
Achv1048.jpg The Architect Encounter SCP-1048.
Achv1123.jpg The Final Solution Find SCP-1123.
Achv1162.jpg Pieces of the Past Use SCP-1162.
Achv1499.jpg Screams Of The Present Equip SCP-1499.
AchvTesla.jpg Shell Shocked Lure SCP-106 through a Tesla gate.
AchvMaynard.jpg The Containment Breach Enter Dr. Maynard's Office.
AchvHarp.jpg World-Ending Scenario Enter Dr. Harp's Office.
AchvSNAV.jpg Technical Accomplishments Obtain the S-Nav Ultimate.
AchvOmni.jpg Unlimited Access Obtain the Keycard Omni.
AchvConsole.jpg Fair Play Beat the game without using the Console.
AchvPD.jpg No Man's Land Escape the Pocket Dimension.
AchvKeter.jpg Survival In a Nightmare Beat the game on Keter difficulty.