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The in-game console can be opened with the F3 key. Laptops with a Fn key may have to use the Fn + F3 keystroke. Alt + F3 is also a solution. Commands may be entered into the console in the format <command> <parameters> followed by the return or enter key, where multiple parameters are separated by a space.

Parameter Types[ | ]

  • integer: A whole number, no decimals or fractions.
  • float: An integer supporting fractions as decimals.
  • string: A string of letters or numbers. Quotation marks must be omitted when entering strings in the console for them to be recognized.
  • boolean: True or false, written as 1 or 0. Currently parsed as strings.

Note that the parameter of a command is not checked, so it may cause errors when used.

Command Table[ | ]

Command Parameters Description
help String If 'string' equals "1", displays a list of commands that can be used. If 'string' equals "2", displays the second part of the command list. If 'string' equals another command, displays help for that command if it's available.
096state None Prints SCP-096's position, idle Boolean, and state if it has spawned.
reset096 None Resets SCP-096 back its idle, sitting down state.
106speed Float Sets SCP-106's movement speed. Default is 0.01.
106state None Prints SCP-106's position, idle Boolean, and state.
enable106 None Enables SCP-106 if it's either been disabled or contained.
disable106 None Disables SCP-106. Has the same function as containing it.
173state None Prints SCP-173's position, idle Boolean, and state.
173speed Float Sets SCP-173's movement speed. Default is 0.35.
enable173 None Enables SCP-173 if it's already been disabled.
disable173 None Disables SCP-173. Has the same function as the MTF placing it into containment
halloween None Replaces SCP-173's default texture with a jack-o-lantern-like texture.
asd None General purpose debug command. Sets wireframe, godmode and noclip to on. Sets camerafog to 15 20.
asd2 None Sets godmode and infinite stamina to on. Disables SCP-173 and contains SCP-106.
gamma Integer Sets the gamma correction. Should be set to a value between 0.0 and 2.0.
camerafog CameraFogNear Float
CameraFogFar Float
Sets the draw distance of the fog. The fog begins at 'CameraFogNear' units away from the camera and becomes completely opaque at 'CameraFogFar' units away from the camera. Example: camerafog 5 15
camerapick None Prints the texture name and coordinates of the model the camera is pointing at.
status None Prints player, camera, and room information.
debughud String If 'string' is equal to "on", "1", or "true", turns the debughud on. If 'string' is equal to "off", "0", or "false", turns the debughud off. The debughud displays status information about the player, SCP-173, SCP-106, SCP-096 if spawned, the current room event, and all currently spawned MTF units.
godmode String If 'string' is equal to "on", "1", or "true", turns godmode on. If 'string' is equal to "off", "0", or "false", turns godmode off. If 'string' equals anything else, toggles godmode. Godmode prevents the player from dying, prevents SCP-106 from taking them to the Pocket Dimension, and protects the player from any gunshot wound fired by guards, Nine-Tailed Fox, or helicopters. Bleed-related damage caused by SCPs, such as SCP-939 or SCP-966, is still possible however, and SCP-049 briefly blurs the player's vision even if his touch can do nothing to them in this state.
String If 'string' is equal to "on", "1", or "true", turns noclip on. If 'string' is equal to "off", "0", or "false", turns noclip off. If 'string' equals anything else, toggles noclip. Noclip allows the player to fly through the game without any form of collision.
noclipspeed Float Sets the movement speed multiplier of the player during noclip to 'Speed'
String If 'string' is equal to "on", "1", or "true", turns infinitestamina on. If 'string' is equal to "off", "0", or "false", turns infinitestamina off. If 'string' equals anything else, toggles infinitestamina.
notarget String If 'string' is equal to "on", "1", or "true", turns notarget on. If 'string' is equal to "off", "0", or "false", turns notarget off. If 'string' equals anything else, toggles no target. Disables every NPC's ability to target the player, essentially making them invisible.
None Stops all currently playing sounds.
showfps None Toggles the FPS counter.
heal None Removes all injuries and blood loss from the player. Does not have an effect on a SCP-008 based infection.
None Kills the player, bypassing Godmode. Sets the death message to one of the following:
  • Subject D-9341 found dead in Sector [REDACTED]. The subject appears to have attained no physical damage, and there is no visible indication as to what killed him. Body was sent for autopsy.
  • Subject D-9341 found dead in Sector [REDACTED]. The subject appears to have scribbled the letters "kys" in his own blood beside him. No other signs of physical trauma or struggle can be observed. Body was sent for autopsy.
None Revives the player. Does not have any effect on injuries, bloodloss or SCP-008 infection. Disables godmode and noclip.
infect Float Sets the SCP-008 based infection on the player to 'Infect' (Has valid range of 0 - 91, anything outside of this has a high chance of causing a MAV[1]).
injure Float Sets the player's injury level. (Has valid range of 1 - 5.) Higher injury levels induce blood loss and slower movement. Any value higher than 5 will kill the player.
sanic None Toggles the "increased speed followed by death" mode used for certain items, displaying "GOTTA GO FAST" when enabled, and "WHOA SLOW DOWN" when disabled.
spawn String Integer Spawns a new instance of 'string' 0.2 units above the player. Sets the NPC's state to 'integer'.
Main article: NPC Types
spawnitem String Spawns a new item at the player's coordinates. Values for items are identical to the name they display in the inventory or their "tempname". Some items will require you to type in their template name as some of them can have the same name when viewed in the inventory. For example, if 'string' is equal to "Eyedrops", it will spawn the "Fine" eyedrops. However, to spawn the "Very Fine" variant of eyedrops, the "tempname" is needed, in this case it would be "supereyedrops".
Main article: Item Types
ending String Immediately brings up the specified ending screen with the appropriate dialogue. If no ending is specified, a default ending screen will appear.
Main article: Ending Types
toggle_warhead_lever None Toggles the lever in the warhead room, affecting the game's ending.
unlockexits String Unlocks the site's exits. If 'string' is set to "a" Gate A will unlock, if it is set to "b" Gate B will unlock and inputing anything else will unlock both gates.
teleport String Teleports the player to the room they input.
Main article: Room Types
tp String Teleports the player to the MTF NPC defined as the "leader".
tele Float Float Float Teleports the player to specified coordinates(xyz).
playmusic String Plays .ogg/.wav music files from the directory SCP - Containment Breach/SFX/Music/custom/. The file's extension must be specified.

Using this command without specifying a file will cause any currently playing custom music to stop.

None Spawns 20 SCP-420-J instances in a circle around the player. These instances have a 50% chance of being a Joint, rather than SCP-420-J.
wireframe String If 'string' is equal to "on", "1", or "true", turns wireframe on. If 'string' is equal to "off", "0", or "false", turns wireframe off. If 'string' equals anything else, toggles wireframe. Wireframe allows only the edges of models to be rendered.
None What pumpkin?
jorge None Outputs the message "JORGE HAS BEEN EXPECTING YOU".
spawnradio None Spawns a Radio at player's position. This radio has electricity, although there is no battery in radio.
spawnnvg None Spawns a Night Vision Goggles at player's position.
spawnnav None Spawns a S-Nav Ultimate at player's position.
teleport173 None Teleports SCP-173 to player's position if SCP-173 is not re-contained.
teleport106 None Teleports SCP-106 to player's position if SCP-106 is not re-contained.
spawnparticles Integer Spawns a particle at player's position according to ID.
giveachievement Integer Gives a achievement to player according to ID.
427state Float Set holding time of scp427, no parameter will set with max value.
setblinkeffect BlinkEffect: Float
BlinkEffectTimer: Float
BlinkEffect will effect the speed of blink, BlinkEffectTimer will decide the duration of BlinkEffect.


Float D-9341 starts vomiting. During this character becomes injured, loses blood, increases speed of blinking, stamina consumption rate increases, eyes of D-9341 becomes blurry.

NPC Types[ | ]

NPC Parameter NPC Value
SCP-008 Infected
SCP-049-2 Instance
guard Guard
mtf MTF unit
tentacle SCP-035 Tentacle
008 SCP-008 infected

Ending Types[ | ]

WARNING: The following may contain spoilers about the game.

Ending Parameter Ending Value
a1 Gate A ending if SCP-106 is not contained.
a2 Gate A ending if SCP-106 is contained.
b1 Gate B ending if killed by SCP-173. (unobtainable outside of the console)
b2 Gate B ending after the exploding warhead.
b3 Gate B ending if killed by a MTF unit.
Spoilers end here.

Room Types[ | ]

Room Parameter Room Value
start SCP-173's Containment Chamber and Intro Office after the breach.
008 SCP-008's Containment Chamber
room012 SCP-012's Containment Chamber
room035 SCP-035's Containment Chamber
room049 Hallway outside SCP-049's Containment Chamber
room079 SCP-079's Containment Chamber
lockroom2 SCP-096's Lockroom
room106 SCP-106's Containment Chamber
room205 SCP-205's Containment Chamber
roompj SCP-372's Containment Chamber
room513 SCP-513's Containment Chamber
room2scps SCP Storage Chamber
room2scps2 Containment Room 5
room860 SCP-860's Testing Chamber
SCP-895's Containment Chamber
SCP-914's Containment Chamber
room966 SCP-966's Containment Chamber
room1123 SCP-1123's Containment Chamber
room1162 SCP-1162's Containment Chamber
room2closets Storeroom
lockroom Lockroom
lockroom3 Broken Variation of the Lockroom
room2doors T-Shaped Lockroom
room2testroom2 Small Testing Room
room2storage A hallway and storage room being affected by SCP-970
room3storage Storage Area 6
room2 Two-Way Hallway
room2_2 Large Fan Variation of the Two-Way Hallway
room2_3 Floor Lights Variation of the Two-Way Hallway
room2_4 Third Door Variation of the Two-Way Hallway
room2_5 Indented Walls Variation of the Two-Way Hallway
room2elevator Elevator Variation of the Two-Way Hallway
room2c Corner Hallway
room2c2 Variation of the Corner Hallway
room3 T-Shaped Hallway
room3_2 Variation of the T-Shaped Hallway
room3_3 Another variant of a three-door hallway
room4 Four-Way Hallway
room4_2 No Catwalk Variation of the Four-Way Hallway
room4info A four-way hallway with an info center
room2z3 Entrance Zone Variation of the Two-Way Hallway
room2z3_2 Second Entrance Zone Variation of the Two-Way Hallway
room2Cz3 Entrance Zone Variation of the Corner Hallway
room3z3 Entrance Zone Variation of the T-Shaped Hallway
room4z3 Entrance Zone Variation of the Four-Way Hallway
room1archive Archive Room
room2tesla_lcz Tesla Coil Hallway
room2tesla_hcz Heavy Containment Zone Variation of the Tesla Coil Hallway
room2tesla Entrance Zone Variation of the Tesla Coil Hallway
room2gw Security Gateway
room2gw_b Broken Variation of the Security Gateway
room3gw Entrance Zone Variation of the Security Gateway
endroom End Room
room2sl Surveillance Room
endroom2 Heavy Containment Zone Variation of the End Room
tunnel Two-Way Metal Corridor
tunnel2 Two-Way Metal Corridor with SCP-173 Spawn
room2ctunnel Corner Variation of the Metal Corridor
room2cpit A corner room with a large cube-like stucture
room3tunnel T-Shaped Variation of the Metal Corridor
room3z2 Second T-Shaped Variation of the Metal Corridor
room4tunnels Four-Way Variation of the Metal Corridor
room2pipes Grated Hallway
room2pipes2 Another variant of the two-door hallway, with caged floors and ceiling that contain various pipes.
room2pit Gas Catwalk
room3pit Three-Way Gas Catwalk
room4pit Four-Way Gas Catwalk
testroom Large Testing Chamber
room2servers Small Server Room
room2shaft Elevator Machine Room
room2tunnel Hallway outside Maintenance Tunnels
room2nuke Hallway outside Warhead Room
Basic Office
room2offices2 2-Level Office
room2offices3 Large Office
room2offices4 Variation of the 2-Level Office
room2sroom Head Office
room2poffices Doctors Quarters
room2poffices2 Conference Quarters
room3offices Shared Conference Room
room2cafeteria Cafeteria
room2ccont Electrical Center
room3servers Server Farm
room3servers2 Variation of the Server Farm
room2servers2 Server Hub
room2toilets Toilets
room1lifts Elevator Lounge
medibay Medical Bay
checkpoint1 Checkpoint Room for Light Containment and Heavy Containment
checkpoint2 Checkpoint Room for Heavy Containment and Entrance
gateaentrance Entrance to Gate A
gatea Gate A
exit1 Gate B
pocketdimension Pocket Dimension
dimension1499 SCP-1499 Dimension

Item Types[ | ]

Item Template Name Item Value
gasmask Gas Mask
supergasmask Super Gas Mask
gasmask3 Heavy Gas Mask
key1 Level 1 Keycard
key2 Level 2 Keycard
key3 Level 3 Keycard
key4 Level 4 Keycard
key5 Level 5 Keycard
key6 Omni Keycard
firstaid First Aid Kit
finefirstaid Small First Aid Kit
firstaid2 Blue First Aid Kit
vest Ballistic Vest
finevest Heavy Ballistic Vest
veryfinevest Bulky Ballistic Vest
s-nav 300 navigator S-Nav 300
s-nav 310 navigator S-Nav 310
s-nav navigator ultimate S-Nav Ultimate
hazmatsuit Hazmat Suit
hazmatsuit2 Mysterious Hazmat Suit
hazmatsuit3 Heavy Hazmat Suit
radio Radio
fineradio Radio which does not require batteries.
veryfineradio Very Fine Radio
18vradio Radio which uses 18V batteries.
bat 9V Battery
18vbat 18V Battery
killbat Strange Battery
revision eyedrops ReVision Eyedrops
redvision eyedrops RedVision Eyedrops
fineeyedrops Fine Eyedrops
supereyedrops Very Fine Eyedrops
hand Severed Hand
hand2 Black Severed Hand
clipboard Clipboard
nvgoggles Night Vision Goggles
wallet Wallet
finenvgoggles "Fine" variant of the Night Vision Goggles
supernv "Very Fine" variant of the Night Vision Goggles
scp148 SCP-148
scp148ingot Ingot of SCP-148
scp500 SCP-500-01
scp513 SCP-513
scp714 SCP-714
scp860 SCP-860
scp1025 SCP-1025
scp1499 SCP-1499
420 SCP-420-J
joint Joint
smelly joint Smelly Joint
cigarette Cigarette
veryfinefirstaid Strange Bottle
mastercard MasterCard
playing card Playing Card
origami Origami
Emily Ross's Badge Emily Ross's Badge
emptycup Empty Cup
coin Coin
ticket Movie Ticket
key Lost Key
Old Badge Old Badge
Quarter Quarter

References[ | ]

  1. Memory access violation.