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The death messages are a series of text strings that appear on the death screen.

SCP-008[edit | edit source]

  • Subject D-9341 found ingesting Dr. [REDACTED] at Sector [REDACTED]. Subject immediately terminated by Nine-Tailed Fox and sent for autopsy. SCP-008 infection was confirmed, after which the body was incinerated.
  • Killed by SCP-008 inside SCP-1499 Dimension: The whereabouts of SCP-1499 are still unknown, but a recon team has been dispatched to investigate reports of a violent attack to a church in the Russian town of [REDACTED].
  • Killed by Infected Human: Subject D-9341. Cause of death: multiple lacerations and severe blunt force trauma caused by an instance of SCP-008-1.

SCP-012[edit | edit source]

  • Subject D-9341 found in a pool of blood next to SCP-012. Subject seems to have ripped open his wrists and written three extra lines to the composition before dying of blood loss.

SCP-035[edit | edit source]

  • Killed by Tentacles: We will need more than the regular cleaning team to care of this. Two large and highly active tentacle-like appendages seem to have formed inside the chamber. Their level of aggression is unlike anything we've seen before - it looks like they have beaten some unfortunate Class D to death at some point during the breach.
  • Prolonged exposure to the containment chamber: Class-D Subject D-9341 found dead inside SCP-035's containment chamber. The subject exhibits heavy hemorrhaging of blood vessels around the eyes and inside the mouth and nose. Sent for autopsy.

SCP-049[edit | edit source]

  • Killed by SCP-049-2: Subject D-9341. Cause of death: multiple lacerations and severe blunt force trauma caused by an instance of SCP-049-2.
  • Terminated as SCP-049-2 inside SCP-049's Containment Chamber: Three (3) active instances of SCP-049-2 discovered in the tunnel outside SCP-049's containment chamber. Terminated by Nine-Tailed Fox.
  • Terminated as SCP-049-2 Elsewhere: An active instance of SCP-049-2 was discovered in [REDACTED]. Terminated by Nine-Tailed Fox.

SCP-096[edit | edit source]

  • A large amount of blood found in [DATA REDACTED]. DNA identified as Subject D-9341. Most likely [DATA REDACTED] by SCP-096.

SCP-173[edit | edit source]

  • In Lockroom, Storeroom and SCP-895's Containment Chamber: Subject D-9341. Cause of Death: Fatal cervical fracture. The surveillance tapes confirm that the subject was killed by SCP-173.
  • In T-Shaped Lockroom: If I'm not mistaken, one of the main purposes of these rooms was to stop SCP-173 from moving further in the event of a containment breach. So, whose brilliant idea was it to put A GODDAMN MAN-SIZED VENTILATION DUCT in there?!
  • In every other Room: Subject D-9341: Fatal cervical fracture. Assumed to be attacked by SCP-173.
  • Intro: Subject D-9341. Cause of death: Fatal cervical fracture. According to Security Chief Franklin who was present at SCP-173's containment chamber during the breach, the subject was killed by SCP-173 as soon as the disruptions in the electrical network started.

SCP-205[edit | edit source]

  • The SCP-205 cycle seems to have resumed its normal course after the anomalies observed during [REDACTED]. The body of a Class D subject D-9341 was discovered inside the chamber. The subject exhibits signs of blunt force trauma typical for personnel who have entered the chamber when the lights are off.

SCP-294[edit | edit source]

  • Antimatter, Anti-matter, Void: Recon teams sent in at [REDACTED] show that everything within a 210 mile radius from Site-[REDACTED] was vaporized, save for a 5 meter radius of unharmed area in the facility cafeteria of Sector [REDACTED], surrounding SCP-294.
  • Atomic, Nuclear, Nuclear Fusion, Nuclear Fission, Nuclear Reaction: Recon teams sent in at [REDACTED] show that the entirety of Site-[REDACTED] was vaporized, save for a 5 meter radius of unharmed area in the facility cafeteria of Sector [REDACTED], surrounding SCP-294.
  • Bose-Einstein Condensate, Quantum Gas: A dead organic mass later identified as D-9341 through DNA tests was discovered with parts of the body frozen at near Absolute Zero temperatures. What was left of the throat and mouth cavity contained traces of near negative temperature Bosonic Particles, therefore making it a substance at a Bose-Einstein Condensate phase of matter the cause of death.
  • Carbon: The mouth cavity, throat and face of the victim are covered in severe third degree burns. A layer of black, crystalline substance was found inside the mouth cavity. Sent for chemical analysis.
  • Death, Game Over: A Class-D found dead in the facility cafeteria of Sector [REDACTED]. Presumably killed by something dispensed by SCP-294.
  • Element 0, Element Zero, Neutronium, Neutrium, Tetraneutron: A body emitting large levels of radiation was discovered at Sector [REDACTED]. The subject appears to have consumed an unknown substance via SCP-294. Analysis of the radioactive substance via use of and chemical and nuclear testing shows that it has 0 charge, is composed purely of Neutrons, and appears to lack any Electrons or Protons. This indicates that the substance may be the theoretical Element known as Netronium.
  • Exotic Matter, Zero Point Energy, Negative Matter, Gravitons, Higgs Boson, God Particles, Black Holes: After an investigation team was sent to inspect Site [DATA REDACTED], everything within a 30 meter radius of a strange energy orb was missing. Assumed to be a singularity, it eventually demagnetized and collapsed. Foundation personnel are still unsure as to the cause of the event.
  • Fear, Scare, Horror, Terror: Nine-Tailed Fox discovered the body of D-9341 near the cafeteria at Sector [REDACTED]. Tests concluded that the cause of death was cardiac arrest, presumably related to SCP-294.
  • Happiness, Cheerfulness, Joy: Nine-Tailed Fox discovered the body of D-9341 after the incident. The victim apparently had an abnormally large smile on his face. Further tests concluded that the cause of death was a heart attack, however the cause of the heart attack is still undetermined.
  • Hydroflouric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Corrosive Acid: D-9341 was found dead at Sector [REDACTED]. Autopsy reveals that severe acid burns are present within his digestive system, presumably related to SCP-294.
  • Lava, Magma, Earth, Rock, Rocks, Stone: Subject D-9341 was found dead with the victim's organs and mouth cavity suffering numerous 4th degree burns and traces of molten igneous rock in the stomach. A polystyrene cup was also located next to the subject's body. Cause of death is most likely linked to [REDACTED].
  • Monkey Island Grog: Subject D-9341 was found face down in a puddle of blood, upper digestive tract seemingly molten by corrosion. A cup with the message "The Styx is a river, not a sea, dumbass." printed on it was found near the corpse. Cause of death is without a doubt related to SCP-294.
  • Quarks, Glouns, Quark Gloun Plasma: A large scorch mark measuring 30 meters in diameter with a glowing hot white crater was found in Sector [REDACTED]. Everything within a 10 meter radius appears to have completely disintegrated, save for a 5 meter radius surrounding SCP-294. Tests are being conducted to determine the cause of this anomaly, although it is presumably related to SCP-294.
  • Radioactive Element, Radioactive Material: Subject D-9341 was found dead near SCP-294 holding what appears to be a cup of a molten radioactive element that is being identified by investigators. It appears that D-9341 ingested the material, judging by the severely burnt digestive organs and the radioactivity of the body.
  • Rage, Anger, Angry, Hate: Nine-Tailed Fox discovered the headless corpse of D-9341 among considerable amounts of blood, tissue and skull fragments. Medical staff cannot identify the cause of death, further tests are in progress.
  • Something that will destroy SCP-682, Something that destroys SCP-682, Something to destroy SCP-682: Recon teams sent in at [REDACTED] show that the entirety of Site-[REDACTED] was vaporized, save for a 5 meter radius of unharmed area in the facility cafeteria of Sector [REDACTED], surrounding SCP-294.
  • Strange Matter: A portion of the facility was transformed into some form of grey colored goo-like substance before being demagnetized. Further analysis is being done.
  • Superfluid, Superfluid Helium, Liquid Helium, Helium, Helium-4: A dead body identified as D-9341 was discovered with a severely damaged throat and mouth cavity containing sharp icicles and traces of Helium-4. There are visible open wounds caused by Thermal Contraction located along the throat, and it would appear that the superfluid liquid passed right through the body, damaging any organs that it came in contact with.
  • Tachyons, Tachyonic Matter, Imaginary Matter, Neutrinos: A beam of light was spotted emitting from Site [DATA REDACTED]. The origin was found to be from one of the site’s cafeterias housing SCP-294, which was left untouched by the vaporizing heat.
  • The perfect drink, Perfect drink, Perfection: Subject D-9341's body was recovered with numerous self-inflicted injuries on the arms and [REDACTED].
  • Butt ghost, Liquid butt ghost: Nine-Tailed Fox discovered the body of D-9341 near the cafeteria at Sector [REDACTED] without some pieces of [REDACTED]. The subject died of anomalous blood loss.

SCP-427[edit | edit source]

  • Requesting support from MTF Nu-7. We need more firepower to take this thing down.

SCP-895[edit | edit source]

  • What we know is that he died of cardiac arrest. My guess is that it was caused by SCP-895, although it has never been observed affecting video equipment from this far before. Further testing is needed to determine whether SCP-895's "Red Zone" is increasing.
  • Wearing Night Vision Goggles: Class D viewed SCP-895 through a pair of digital night vision goggles, killing him.
  • Wearing Super Night Vision Goggles: Class D viewed SCP-895 through a pair of digital night vision goggles, presumably enhanced by SCP-914. It might be possible that the subject was able to resist the memetic effects partially through these goggles. The goggles have been stored for further study.

SCP-914[edit | edit source]

  • Rough: A badly mutilated corpse found inside the output booth of SCP-914. The corpse has been identified as Subject D-9341 by DNA testing. The subject has obviously been "refined" by SCP-914 on the "Rough" setting, but we're still confused on how he ended up inside the intake booth and who or what wound the key.
  • Very Fine: A Class-D jumpsuit found in [DATA REDACTED], upon further examination, the jumpsuit was found to be filled with 12.5 kilograms of blue ash-like substance. Chemical analysis of the substance remains non-conclusive. Most likely related to SCP-914.
  • Strange Battery: Subject D-9341 found dead inside SCP-914's output booth next to what appears to be an ordinary 9V battery. The subject is covered in severe electrical burns, and assumed to be killed by an electrical shock caused by the battery. The battery has been stored for further study.
  • Joint/Smelly Joint: Subject D-9341 found in a comatose state in [DATA REDACTED]. The subject was holding what appears to be a cigarette and smiling widely. Chemical analysis of the cigarette has been inconclusive, although it seems to contain a high concentration of an unidentified chemical whose molecular structure is remarkably similar to that of tetrahydrocannabinol.

SCP-939[edit | edit source]

  • All four escaped SCP-939 (4) specimens have been captured and recontained successfully. Three (3) of them made quite a mess at Storage Area 6. A cleaning team has been dispatched.

SCP-1025[edit | edit source]

He died of a cardiac arrest after reading SCP-1025, that's for sure. Is there such a thing as psychosomatic cardiac arrest, or does SCP-1025 have some anomalous properties we are not yet aware of?

SCP-1123[edit | edit source]

  • Touched 1123 outside of its chamber: Subject D-9341 was shot dead after attempting to attack a member of Nine-Tailed Fox. Surveillance tapes show that the subject had been wandering around the site approximately 9 minutes prior, shouting the phrase "get rid of the four pests" in chinese. SCP-1123 was found in [REDACTED] nearby, suggesting the subject had come into physical contact with it. How exactly SCP-1123 was removed from its containment chamber is still unknown.

SCP-1162[edit | edit source]

  • A dead Class D subject was discovered within the containment chamber of SCP-1162. An autopsy revealed that his right lung was missing, which suggests interaction with SCP-1162.

SCP-1499[edit | edit source]

  • Killed by SCP-1499-1: All personnel situated within Evacuation Shelter LC-2 during the breach have been administered Class-B amnestics due to Incident 1499-E. The Class D subject involved in the event died shortly after being shot by Agent [REDACTED].
  • Killed by SCP-1499-1 injuries after removing SCP-1499: An unidentified male and a deceased Class D subject were discovered in [REDACTED] by the Nine-Tailed Fox. The man was described as highly agitated and seemed to only speak Russian. He's been taken into a temporary holding area at [REDACTED] while waiting for a translator to arrive.

Pocket Dimension[edit | edit source]

  • "Subject D-9341 was captured and killed by SCP-106. Body was disposed of via incineration."
  • Killed by SCP-106: Subject D-9341. Body partially decomposed by what is assumed to be SCP-106's "corrosion" effect. Body disposed of via incineration.
  • Hit by Stone: In addition to the decomposed appearance typical of the victims of SCP-106, the body exhibits injuries that have not been observed before: massive skull fracture, three broken ribs, fractured shoulder and heavy lacerations.
  • Fall into Abyss: In addition to the decomposed appearance typical of the victims of SCP-106, the subject seems to have suffered multiple heavy fractures to both of his legs.

Guards/Mobile Task Force[edit | edit source]

  • Gunfire: Subject D-9341. Terminated by Nine-Tailed Fox.
  • Bloodloss from Gunfire: Subject D-9341. Died of blood loss after being shot by Nine-Tailed Fox.
  • Agent Ulgrin in the Intro Office: Subject D-9341. Cause of death: Gunshot wound to the head. The surveillance tapes confirm that the subject was terminated by Agent Ulgrin shortly after the site lockdown was initiated.
  • Apache at Gate B: CH-2 to control. Shot down a runaway Class D at Gate B.
  • Apache at Gate A: CH-2 to control. Shot down a runaway Class D at Gate A.
  • Guard at Gate B: Agent G. to control. Eliminated a Class D escapee in Gate B's courtyard.

Decontamination Gas[edit | edit source]

  • Subject D-9341 found dead in [DATA REDACTED]. Cause of death: suffocation due to decontamination gas.

Tesla Gate[edit | edit source]

  • Subject D-9341 killed by the Tesla Gate at [REDACTED].