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Gate B is one of the secondary exits to the facility. It is where two of the game's four endings take place.

Description[ | ]

Gate B is found in a single room with a large blast door, with its name labeled above the door. Next to it is an elevator that leads to the surface of Gate B, which consists of some buildings and a long hallway with glass coverings built into the white, snow-covered hillside. The end destination is a large control room with a screen displaying a conversation between two control units about the use of the Alpha Warhead against SCP-682.

In-game[ | ]

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As a result of returning power to SCP-079 by turning the remote door control back on, SCP-079 will allow access to Gate B. The blast door requires a level 5 keycard. Inside is a large, empty room with two upper areas and a secondary blast door, all of which are inaccessible. An elevator can be found at the far right of the room. Using the elevator, the player will be taken up to the exit itself.

Directly outside the elevator is a catwalk overlooking a large, cylindrical tunnel that leads to a large blast door. The road below is inaccessible due to both the catwalk's railing and the fence lining the farther end of the area. The catwalk itself leaves to an open courtyard, with three Apache helicopters roaming the area as well as a patrolling guard on the building across the road.

The player is advised to wait for the Apaches to not be facing the player's general direction, then attempt to sprint through to the other side of the courtyard. Should an Apache spot the player, it will sound an alarm, signalling the other Apaches as well as the guard. They will all attempt to kill the player despite their distance making their aim inaccurate, though it is still possible to be hit. At the far left of the courtyard will be a door, leading to small hallway with a second door that leads to an open-ended catwalk surrounded by snowy hills.

As the player passes through the catwalk, an event will occur in which SCP-682 breaches the site in the general area of Gate B. The Apaches will begin firing upon an off-screen SCP-682, trying to stop it from escaping. If the player looks above the wall, they can see one of the helicopters be swatted out of the sky by SCP-682's claw. Shortly after said helicopter is downed, the intercom will come on, announcing that the Alpha Warheads will be detonated.

At the end of the catwalk is a control room, requiring a level 5 keycard. Inside is a monitor mentioning the detonation of the Alpha Warhead and a keypad locked door which is inaccessible to the player.

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