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Guards are defensive personnel within the Foundation in SCP - Containment Breach. They are used to maintain control of the site as well as to guard SCPs and Class-D personnel.


The guards act as defense against possible containment breaches, and to ensure that Class-D personnel comply with orders and do not attempt to escape. Thus far, there are thirteen guards (excluding a few dead guards that appear around the site, often inside inaccessible areas) that can be encountered in the game.

The guards wear a white, full-body suit with a black tactical vest overlapping the torso, which appears to have three pouches mounted on for storage reasons (most likely being the magazines for their standard-issue firearm). Their vest also has an armor panel for protecting the pelvis attached to it. They wear black balaclavas and a black riot helmet with a yellow visor, obscuring any facial detail. They also wear black gloves, black and gray shoulder pads (which include small, light gray rectangular pouches with the word "SD" on them, which presumably stands for "Security Department"), black combat boots, and gray elbow and kneepads (the latter most likely being integrated onto the bodysuit).

Their standard-issue firearm is a P90 TR with a green-lensed ACOG scope attached on the top rail, this weapon also being the standard-issue firearm for the Nine-Tailed Fox with the same green-lensed ACOG scopes attached on the top rail.

Agent Ulgrin

Escort Guard

Agent Ulgrin.

Agent Ulgrin is a minor character who acts as the player's escort during the intro sequence.

In the Class-D Cells, Ulgrin will open the player's cell and tell them that they are needed for testing. If the player refuses, the guard will lock the door and activate the gas valves, gassing the player to death.

Upon cooperation, the guard will tell the player to follow him to SCP-173's containment chamber. He will lead in front while another guard follows behind. Both guards converse en route to SCP-173's chamber. If the player refuses to follow the guard, then he will shoot them.

After the breach, Agent Ulgrin and Security Chief Franklin can be seen inside the intro office. Franklin will alert Ulgrin of SCP-173, who appears directly behind him. The two then proceed to back out of the room, both watching SCP-173. If the player attempts to go near Ulgrin during this sequence, he will open fire on the player.

Ulgrin can later be heard conversing with another person over channel five on the radio. He will claim that Dr. Maynard is still inside the facility, suggesting that he has already escaped the site by the time this conversation takes place.


Prior to opening D-9341's cell
  • "Control, this is Agent Ulgrin. I need a request to open up Cell 3-11."
  • "Copy that."

Upon opening the cell
  • "Hey, they've got some work for ya. Do me a favor, and step out of your cell."

Upon exiting the cell
  • "Just follow me. Oh, and by the way, we're authorized to kill any disobedient test subjects, so don't try anything stupid."

  • "Just follow me. Oh, and by the way, we're authorized to, uh, exterminate any disobedient test subjects, so I'd recommend not doing anything stupid."

Upon reaching SCP-173's containment chamber
  • "Well, we're here. Just get in there and follow all the instructions and, uh, you'll probably be fine."

  • "Well, we're here. I'm still disappointed I didn't get to punch you, but whatever."

  • "Well, we're here. I'm still disappointed I didn't get to punch you in the face, but [sighs] whatever."

  • "Just get in there and follow all the instructions, and, uh, you'll probably be fine. Or maybe you won't be. Either way, I don't really care."

  • "Well, anyway, let's not waste any more time. They're waiting for you down in the chamber."

If the player refuses to exit their cell
  • "What, are you stupid or something? I said step out of the cell. If you don't step out of the cell, I'm gonna kick your ass."

  • "Look, buddy, I don't have all day. I'm trying to be polite about this. If you don't step out of the cell, I'm gonna kick your ass."

  • "Huh, you have got to be the dumbest test subject we've ever had. Oh well, shut the doors and open the gas valves."

  • "Huh, I'm actually kinda disappointed you didn't put up a fight. I was looking forward to punching you in the face."

If the player refuses to follow Ulgrin
  • "Hey, dumbass, you're going the wrong way. Get the hell over here right now."

  • "Hurry up. They're waiting for you."

  • "Look, dude, I already hate my job. Why are you making it more difficult for me?"

  • "I ain't in the mood for this shit. I have no problem putting a bullet in your brain if you don't start cooperating."

  • "I'm not in the mood for this shit. I have no problem putting a bullet in your head if you don't start cooperating."

When Ulgrin decides to kill the player
  • "All right, you know what? Fine, be that way. We'll just get somebody else then."

  • "All right, fine, be that way. We'll just get somebody else then."

After being killed by Ulgrin
  • DISTORTED: "I'll get rid of the body. You can go and fetch me another one."
  • QUIETLY: "Uh, okay."

While en route to SCP-173's chamber, Ulgrin will start talking to the guard walking behind the player
  • "So, uh, how's it going?"
  • "Uh, a-are you talking to me?"
  • "Well, yeah, who do you think I'm talking to, this guy with the punchable face? Course I'm talking to you."
  • "Oh, I'm just a little surprised. I think this is the first time you've ever spoken to me."
  • "Well, yeah. It's your first day working here."
  • "Uh, actually, we've worked together now for about five months."
  • "Really? Wow. That's weird."

  • "Uh, so you see any good movies lately?"
  • "Uh, I don't really watch movies. I mostly just read books."
  • "Yeah? What kind of books?"
  • "Uh, horror, science fiction, anything like that."
  • "[scoffs] You're kidding me."
  • "What?"
  • "Your whole job revolves around horror and science fiction, except, you know, it's not actually fiction."
  • "Well, actually, I'm planning on writing a book about my exper—"
  • "Yeah, look, no offense, but I've already lost interest in what you're talking about."

  • "Man, I'm hungry. Hey, today's pizza day down at the cafeteria, right?"
  • "Uh, a-actually, I think it's tuna casserole."
  • "Oh, god damn it. Well, my day's ruined. The only reason I still come here is for the pizza. I don't know what it is about that pizza, but it's delicious. Tuna casserole, on the other hand, is a disgusting abomination, and it should be locked up in here with the rest of these freaks."
  • "Uh, okay."

  • "Let me guess. You don't have a girlfriend, do you?"
  • "Uh, a-are you talking to me?"
  • "Course I'm talking to you."
  • "Is it that obvious?"
  • "Well I'm definitely not a mind reader, otherwise I'd be locked up in this place, so, yeah. I'd say it's pretty damn obvious."
  • "Well, how am I supposed to get a girlfriend anyway when I have this job? I mean, I can't tell her about it, so what am I supposed to do?"
  • "Just lie to her. Tell her you work at some coffee shop or something."
  • "Well, what if I accidentally forgot to wash my hands here at work, and I came home and there was blood on my hands? What would I say to her then?"
  • "Uh, I don't know, tell her it's, uh, ketchup."
  • "Ketchup? Why would I have ketchup on my hands if I worked at a coffee shop?"
  • "Ugh, j-just forget it."

  • "Uh, so, you see any good movies lately?"
  • "Uh, I don't really watch movies."
  • "Oh, okay. Well, what about video games? You know, that reminds me, somebody should make a video game based on this place."
  • "Why would anyone do that?"
  • "I don't know, I just thought it was kind of a cool idea."
  • "Well, I don't play video games either."

Upon Franklin seeing SCP-173 in the intro office
  • "Agent, behind you."
  • "Oh, shit!"
  • "Keep your eyes on it. All right, I'm going to blink. Just keep on watching it."
  • "All right, got it."

Cell Guard

Cell guard

The Cell Guard.

Another guard can be seen when walking out of the Class-D block, notable by his slouched back stance. Music can be heard blaring through his helmet.

Should the player escape their escort, the guard will tell the player to halt before opening fire on them.


  • "What the hell? Hey! Stop! He's getting away!"

Balcony Guard

Balcony Guard

The Balcony Guard.

In SCP-173's containment chamber, a guard can be seen manning a lookout post. If the player refuses to enter the chamber, the guard will be ordered to terminate the player. Once SCP-173 kills the other two Class-Ds inside the chamber, the guard begins to panic and opens fire on 173, shortly before it ends up killing him as well.


When the player steps out of SCP-173's chamber after reopened
  • "Hey, scaredy-cat! You'd better get your ass back to the chamber now. I'm not gonna ask you again."

  • "Did you really think you could just walk out of here without me noticing? Get back to the chamber now."

When SCP-173 starts killing the other Class-Ds
  • "What the fuck is happening?"

Upon SCP-173 appearing right next to the guard
  • "Oh, shit. Oh, shit! Shit!"

Suicide Guard

Suicide Guard

The Suicide Guard.

Before entering the hallway leading to the WC, a guard can be heard sobbing, praying and whimpering quietly. As soon as the player enters the room, the guard will then panic and shoot himself. His body can be found sitting up against the wall with his FN P90 next to his left foot and a blood splatter behind his head.


  • "Please. Oh, God. Oh, God. Please, help me. Please, God. Please, God. Please, help me. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. Please, please, help me."

When the player enters the room.
  • "The hell was that? Oh, no."
  • [gunshot]

Server Room Guard

Server Room Guard

The Server Room Guard.

As soon as the player enters the small server room, a guard can be seen on the other side of a window with SCP-096. As the guard is contemplating how SCP-096 got out, SCP-096 turns around and he accidentally views its face, causing it to become enraged. The guard attempts to shoot SCP-096, but it leaps toward him and begins ripping his body apart, causing blood to splatter across the windows.


Upon entering the room
  • "Hello? Oh, God. How did he get out? Oh, shit. Oh, no, I saw it. Get away from me. No, not me. Not me."

When SCP-096 leaps at the guard

Elevator Guard

Elevator Guard Blood

The Elevator after the guard walks in.

When the player enters the elevator room, the player can get a quick glance of a guard entering the elevator. Shortly after the guard enters, the elevator crashes back down to the current floor. The door can then be reopened, revealing large stains of blood on the floor and walls.

After the guard walks into the elevator

SCP-895 Guard

When the player reaches SCP-895, a guard can be heard pleading for his life to someone from the top of the staircase. Upon heading back out of the room that contains SCP-895, the guard will fall down from the top of the staircase. His body can be found dead on the floor.

Agent Izumi Junko

Agent Izumi Junko

Agent Izumi Junko.

Izumi Junko was an agent who was sent into SCP-860-1. After SCP-860 had materialized in front of her, the site decided to send her into 860-1, as the last person to have the key appear in front of them committed suicide. She was apparently eager to enter the forest, since she was not exposed to the third and fourth exploration logs.

The player can find several notes left by her inside SCP-860-1, indicating that anomalous events were happening during her stay in the forest, such as her headset playing soothing music and the path turning into cobblestone instead of the regular dirt. She appears to think that the forest has a welcoming atmosphere. In the last note, she directly refers to D-9341, saying that she has been expecting him and that she is "kinda hungry." Her fate is unknown. When traversing SCP-860-1, the player has a chance of seeing her silhouette in the trees.

Izumi Junko is the second subject sent into SCP-860-1 who has been "welcomed" by the forest, the first being the Class-D from Exploration Log II. Interestingly, both of the subjects were female, while all other subjects including D-9341 were male and invoked hostile reactions from SCP-860-2.

SCP-049 Guards

Two guards can be found in SCP-049's containment chamber, having been turned into SCP-049-2 instances.

Before it was replaced by an SCP-008-infected human, an SCP-049-2 guard would have appeared in the Medical Bay.

Gate A Tower Guards

At Gate A, two guards can be seen standing in the large gate towers. They only serve as visual aesthetics.