H.I.D. Turret.png

The High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) turret is an on-site weapon located outside Gate A in SCP - Containment Breach.


The H.I.D. turret is a piece of the Foundation's advanced technology. The weapon was created to effectively halt SCP-106, should it breach containment and reach Gate A.

The turret takes a moderate time to recharge after firing, albeit the speed of SCP-106 makes up for this shortcoming.


The H.I.D turret appears at Gate A. If SCP-106 has not already been contained by the player or Nine-Tailed Fox, then it will attempt to breach containment. Security Chief Franklin will then order the turret to be fired at SCP-106 to halt its escape (as it has an aversion to harsh lights). The turret will aim towards it and fire a bright charge of light at SCP-106 by the time it reaches the bridge. After being fired upon by the turret, SCP-106 will sink into a pool of corrosive sludge and retreat back to its Pocket Dimension.

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