SCP - Containment Breach Wiki

The Light Containment Zone is the first zone encountered in the game. It is followed by the Heavy Containment Zone and Entrance Zone. It is primarily used for containment and storage, mostly of lower-level SCP objects, such as SCP-173 and SCP-914. It is characterized by its high roofed, concrete architecture.

In order to get through the Light Containment's checkpoint, a lever must be flipped in the surveillance room to lift the lockdown off the zone, granting access to the Heavy Containment Zone.

The Light Containment Zone has music relating to it.

Dead ends[ | ]

Class-D Cells[ | ]

The Class-D cells are specialized cells that each hold a Class-D test subject. Each cell contains a small table, sink, toilet, and a single bed.

During the introduction, the player will wake up inside one of the cells. A sequence will play showing the player waking up and getting out of bed. The Class-D Orientation Leaflet can be found on the table, which the player must pick up and read. Upon doing so, Agent Ulgrin will open the door shortly afterwards and tell the player to follow him. If the player refuses to leave the cell, the guard will then close the door and open the gas valve in the room, killing them. It is also here where you can hear the PA System make announcements.

A third guard can be seen at the end of the block, listening to music through their helmet. If the player does not follow the guards or they attempt to run away, the guards will open fire on them.

SCP-173's Containment Chamber[ | ]

This chamber consists of two rooms connected to each other. The first main hall contains a guard balcony and a large window to the control room; the second room is the containment chamber for SCP-173 and is protected by a blast door.

At the entrance, Agent Ulgrin will give the player SCP-173's document.

This room is where the game's introduction takes place. Upon entering the room, the containment chamber opens and Security Chief Franklin, who can be found in the control room on the catwalk, tells all Class-D personnel to enter the chamber via the intercom. If the player refuses to enter the second room once it opens, Franklin will order the guard to shoot the player.

The main containment chamber is where the player first encounters SCP-173, seen in the far left corner of the chamber. Soon after entering the chamber, the blast door will malfunction, causing it to open and not respond to attempts to close it. Immediately after, a site-wide blackout will occur. The player will be required to escape from the room after SCP-173 has killed the two Class-D personnel, as well as the guard on the balcony. A vent can be found on the ground near the exit to the room, indicating that SCP-173 used the ventilation system to escape the room.

Intro Office[ | ]

This office is a 2-level-room that only appears during the game's opening. It is situated next to SCP-173's chamber, with the two being separated by a small transition room.

The office contains several work desks and filing cabinets, as well as two doors that each lead further into the complex. A catwalk hangs overhead, leading from the Class-D cells to the transition room. Said room contains three doors: two leading to the office and SCP-173's chamber and the third being inaccessible. It also contains a CCTV monitor which overlooks a security camera placed on the underside of the catwalk in the office.

This is the last room the player sees while being escorted to SCP-173's chamber. When traveling across the room's catwalk, a scientist can be seen working in a cubicle and Security Chief Franklin can be spotted walking under the catwalk towards the control room to SCP-173's chamber. Upon reaching the transition room, Agent Ulgrin will give the player SCP-173's document and tell them to follow the instructions on the intercom.

After the breach starts, the player can head back to this room and go down to the lower level. Upon entering the room, they will see SCP-106 near the desks for a brief moment before the lights flicker out - a desk and a small cabinet can be seen starting to slowly sink into the large corrosion spot left by SCP-106.

The player can also glimpse Security Chief Franklin and Agent Ulgrin encountering SCP-173 just below the catwalk. Franklin alerts Ulgrin that SCP-173 is behind him and together they both maintain eye contact with it while slowly backing out of the room. SCP-173 will disappear after both men have left. This event can either be viewed from inside the room itself or through the CCTV monitor in the transition room. Should the player attempt to go near Agent Ulgrin he will open fire on them.

One of the other two doors, including the one leading back to the Class-D cells, is locked, leaving the player with no choice but to head further into the facility through the second door on the lower level.

Archive Room[ | ]

The archive room is a featureless, rectangular room, with shelves lining either side of the walls. A security camera is found on the ceiling near the furthest wall from the entrance.

The items found on the shelves are randomized. They can be the following:

End Room[ | ]

The end room is a red-lit room containing a locked blast door. Currently, it only serves as a dead end. An alarm can be heard blaring from the other side of the blast door.

There's a chance that a janitor may spawn inside one of the end rooms. While within the vicinity of the room, the player can hear him calling out for help inside. Once the player enters the room, the janitor starts walking toward them, curious about the player's identity. The janitor is then cut off by SCP-106 suddenly emerging and pulling him through the ground into the Pocket Dimension, leaving a corrosion spot. If the player is near the janitor when he is abducted, SCP-106 will spawn and begin to pursue the player.

The end room can also be found in the Entrance Zone. A smaller, much more crude, and grimy variant can be found in the Heavy Containment Zone.

SCP-205's Containment Chamber[ | ]

SCP-205's containment chamber is divided into three rooms; an L-shaped hallway, an observation room, and the containment chamber itself. The door between the hallway and the observation room requires a level 3 keycard.

Between the chamber and the observation room is a window, showing the SCP-205 pair facing a projector screen on the opposite wall. On the other side of the observation room is a readable monitor and a door leading to the housing chamber, which is locked.

When the horned male figures begin appearing on the screen, the door to the chamber will open. If the player enters the chamber all three figures will look up and stare at the player, moments before the lamps turn off and the door closes. After this occurs the figures will attack the player.

If the player stares through the window for too long, then the SCP-895 camera feed will be produced on the wall.

SCP-372's Containment Chamber[ | ]

SCP-372's containment chamber is composed of a cube of plexiglass, a control panel holding SCP-372's document, and a shelf with a radio. A surveillance camera can also be found monitoring the chamber, as well as a readable monitor.

Entering the chamber does not require a keycard since the blast door is already open. The main containment chamber's entrance door is open as well, but the chamber does not contain any supplies. When the room is first entered, a rustling noise can be faintly heard, indicating that SCP-372 has begun to stalk the player.

SCP-914's Containment Chamber[ | ]

SCP-914's containment chamber can be accessed with a level 2 keycard. It contains the clockwork machine itself and a couple of shelves on the left-hand side of the chamber. The shelves contain a first aid kit and two documents: one concerning the use of SCP-914 and the other being one of Dr. L's notes. The room is largely empty of anything else.

Hallways[ | ]

Storeroom[ | ]

The storeroom consists of a walkway with a door halfway through the room. The door leads to a lower level, where several benches and a large blast door can be found. On the opposite side of the hallway are two separate entrances, which lead to a large storage area containing a gas mask, SCP-1048's document, Incident Report SCP-1048-A, a level 1 keycard, a clipboard, and up to three 9V batteries. A security camera is found to the left of the center door, attached to the ceiling.

This room is a vital part of the game, as it is the only room aside from the second variation of the server farm and SCP-1123's containment chamber in which a gas mask can be found, which is needed to traverse the many gas-filled areas of the map.

As the player enters the hallway, a janitor and a scientist can be heard from the lower floor, trying to escape. The lights will go out shortly afterward, and SCP-173 can be heard killing both personnel. The wallet can also be found here on the lower level.

T-Shaped Lockroom[ | ]

The T-shaped lockroom is another red-lit room found within the complex. As the name suggests, this variation of the lockroom is designed in the shape of a T. Unlike the first variation, this lockroom does not deploy gas, making it easier to navigate.

Once the player enters this room, they must take a turn down the short, intersecting hall to press the button. Once the button is pressed, it will open one door and then close the other. The player must be wary, as SCP-173 will often spawn in the offshoot hallway, below the ventilation shaft.

Small Testing Room[ | ]

The small testing room is located inside a hallway containing two pipes that line the door. The room is split into two compartments - the first room acts as a control room, with a door leading to a small metal chamber, monitored from the control room through two large windows. A level 2 keycard and an S-Nav 300 can be found in the control room.

The door in the hallway requires a level 1 keycard. Inside, the player will find an inoperable door in front of them and an access door to their immediate left, leading to the test room. The main chamber's door is inaccessible. SCP-173 is usually found underneath the chamber's ventilation shaft and will start to follow a guided path before breaking the observation window to access the control room. It is recommended that the player blinks before they enter the test room.

SCP-970 Hallway[ | ]

Main article: SCP-970

Two-Way Hallway[ | ]

There exist five variations of the two-way hallway. The first variant contains a large fan near the center of the room, which will turn on and off at random intervals. In the second variant, the player will see a guard entering an elevator located at the center of the hallway. The sound of the elevator car crashing can be heard, and the door to the elevator will open revealing a large splatter of blood on the walls.

WARNING: The following may contain spoilers about Containment Breach: Run.
An alternate event can occur in the elevator variation where the player will instead find the body of Jim Gonzales inside the elevator, with a bullet wound in his eye.

The third variation contains floor lights and slanted indents along either wall. The fourth variation is L-shaped, with the shorter end of the room containing an inaccessible door. The fifth and final variation contains only slanted slabs on the walls.

Tesla Coil Hallway[ | ]

A hallway consisting of a Tesla coil found in the center of the room, which can shock and kill the player. On occasion the Tesla coil can be disabled, this can be determined by whether or not a buzzing sound is emitting from the gate. It appears in every zone of the facility.

The first Tesla coil hallway the player comes across will feature a scientist attempting to go through the Tesla gate, only to be shocked and killed by it. This is likely to demonstrate to the player how they work, as this will only happen once every time a new game is started.

If the player approaches the Tesla coil within a detectable boundary of the Tesla gate (usually about a quarter way through the room), it will enter an active state, as indicated by a quiet electric hum and a small red light located under the metallic overpass on the top of the gate, which will blink at a regulated interval. If the player gets close enough a sensor will trigger (indicated by a charging-up sound), causing the red light to flash at an increasing pace before an electric shock is fired from the coil. After firing the coil takes approximately half a second to cool down before being ready to fire again.

There are two different methods of getting by it. The first involves the player quickly walking into its sensor and then quickly stepping back. Upon triggering the Tesla coil’s sensor it will start wiping and then proceed to fire. After firing the player can quickly sprint through during the cooldown time.

The second method is a bit riskier. It involves the player walking back to the front of the room, and sprinting through to the other side before the Tesla coil has a chance to finish charging. Depending on how far the player is from the coil before sprinting this method may not work. It is only advised to do this if the player is running from a hostile entity or has the super gas mask equipped.

SCP-173 and SCP-096 are not affected by the Tesla coil. However, SCP-106 can be "shocked", causing it to retreat to its Pocket Dimension. Nine-Tailed Fox units will not attempt to pass by the Tesla coil while it is active. Instead, they will contact their commander via radio to deactivate the Tesla coil before proceeding. This makes the Tesla coil an effective way to shake off most hostile contacts pursuing the player.

Security Gateway[ | ]

The security gateway is a two-way room containing a security checkpoint in the center of it.

Once the player enters the checkpoint itself, a decontamination procedure begins. Both airlock doors will close and decontamination gas will begin spewing from the pipes. After a short period of time, the process will finish and the airlock doors will re-open, allowing the player to proceed.

The checkpoint contains a small room that overlooks the airlock. It is inaccessible but contains a few shelves and a computer station.

There also exists a damaged variation of this room containing a bursted gas pipe inside the checkpoint and a dead guard in the office.

Surveillance Room[ | ]

The surveillance room, as its name suggests, acts as a hub for all the surveillance cameras in the facility. It is a crucial room as it is needed to lift the lockdown on the Light Containment Zone.

It is found in the middle of a two-way hallway and requires a level 3 keycard to access. Facing the door is a security camera. This door leads to a flight of stairs up to a hub of consoles. At the rightmost wall from the top of the stairs is an inaccessible door and on the left is the entrance to the surveillance booth. The booth itself contains two chairs in front of a control console with a wall of monitors ahead and a computer hub on the right.

The computer hub contains two levers: one to lift the Heavy Containment Zone lockdown (the lever is ripped off and placed on the control console) and one to lift the Light Containment Zone lockdown. Pulling the lever will allow access to Heavy Containment through the checkpoint room.

Upon entering the surveillance booth, however, SCP-049 will appear from the hallway below and start pursuing the player. He can be evaded by going around the console hubs in the first room and then quickly sprinting back down the stairs.

SCP-012's Containment Chamber[ | ]

SCP-012's containment chamber can be accessed with a level 3 keycard. The door leads to a flight of stairs, which then leads to a room split into two compartments, one serving as a control room and the other acting as SCP-012's main chamber. SCP-012's document can be found sitting next to a control panel. The panel holds a button labeled "Hoist" and a computer screen from where the "On Mount Golgotha" score plays. SCP-012 can be found in its chamber, suspended in a container by an automated pulley system. A severed hand can be found on the floor near the chamber.

When the player first enters the control room, the door to SCP-012's chamber automatically opens and the pulley system lowers the container down to a table-like frame in the center of the room, a red warning light will flash. The container then opens, and SCP-012's influence will cause the player to move towards the chamber. The player is advised to acquire SCP-714 before entering SCP-012's containment chamber to nullify its effects.

Containment Room 5[ | ]

Containment Room 5 is the name given to the area of the facility that houses SCP-500 and SCP-1499. It can be accessed through a door found off to the side of one of the hallways with a level 3 keycard.

The room contains the doors to SCP-500 and SCP-1499's storage rooms along with a small workspace and a computer. Emily Ross's badge can be found on the floor near the workspace. SCP-500's document can be found on top of its safe, while SCP-1499's document can be found on a cabinet.

SCP-500 was stored inside a safe, which is opened and empty by the time the player comes across it. SCP-1499 is stored inside an open, wooden box.

SCP-1123's Containment Chamber[ | ]

SCP-1123's containment chamber requires no keycard to enter. Inside the room on the right is a desk with SCP-1123's document as well as a readable monitor. On the left is a shelf holding a gas mask and a smaller, rectangular room that houses SCP-1123 itself. It requires a level 3 keycard to access.

SCP Storage Chamber[ | ]

These identical chambers are accessed from a pair of doors facing each other in the middle of a central hallway overlooked by a small balcony. Both these doors and the set of doors following them require a level 3 keycard, and both lead to identical small rooms with three doors.

In one room, the left door leads to SCP-714's chamber, containing a small storage room with a pedestal. SCP-714 can be seen on top of this pedestal and is able to be acquired and used. SCP-714's document can be found on top of a cabinet sitting in the right corner next to the door. A security camera can be seen on the ceiling overhead. The right door leads to SCP-427's containment chamber and contains an empty wooden box, a security camera, and SCP-427's document. A blood trail leads from outside the hallway into this room.

Inside the other door is another small room with two accessible doors - the door to the right leads to SCP-1025’s chamber, while the door opposite contains SCP-860.

SCP-1025's room is of the same shape and layout as SCP-714's, with the pedestal, cabinet, and security camera in the same places. SCP-1025 sits atop the pedestal in this room, and can also be acquired.

SCP-860's room is largely empty of anything else, save for a wooden box atop the pedestal containing SCP-860.

Corners[ | ]

Lockroom[ | ]

The lockroom is a red-illuminated room with two timed doors opening into it. Outside both entrances is a CCTV monitor showing the view of two security cameras adjacent to each door. Jets of gas are deployed in this room as a safety precaution.

Players should proceed with caution as SCP-173 will often spawn in this room. The player should take note of its position, and ensure the blink meter is replenished, and equip the gas mask before opening the lockroom doors. As the doors are set on a 6-second timer, it is advised that the player should quickly sprint into the room and run to the opposite diagonal side while maintaining eye contact with SCP-173 after pressing the button.

Another variation of the lockroom can be found in which the CCTV monitors and buttons do not function. Instead, another door off to the side is opened, allowing the player to walk through a small passageway to the other side of the room.

Corner Hallway[ | ]

The corner hallway is an L-shaped hallway containing three doors, two of which connect the hall to other rooms. A third door at the intersection leads to an elevator to Storage Area 6.

The second variation of this room exists containing a third, inaccessible door behind the metal grating.

SCP-1162's Containment Chamber[ | ]

The entrance to SCP-1162's containment chamber is located on the inner side of a C-shaped hallway, which notably contains a security camera on the outermost corner. In addition to SCP-1162 itself being inside the chamber, it also contains a desk with 1162's document.

T-Shaped[ | ]

Storage Area 6[ | ]

Storage Area 6 (also simply referred to as the storage room) is a large room housing several articles of electronic equipment. Two elevators can be found around the facility that will grant the player access to Storage Area 6, one of them being found in the corner hallway.

The first section of the area contains several pieces of felled electronic towers and a broken pipe expelling gas can be found in this area, showing signs of commotion. A single SCP-939 instance will be patrolling through this entire section in a counter-clockwise direction. An exposed elevator shaft can be found on the left-hand wall, which the player can fall into, killing them. The player can also find a black severed hand and night vision goggles behind a few crates next to an inaccessible blast door.

Upon reaching the blast door, going through the corridor to the left of it will take you to the second section. This section is in less disarray, with crates nearly sorted into 3x3 sets. The rightmost area from this section's entrance contains a lever that will need to be pulled to reach the third section. Upon pulling it the door directly to the left across the room will open. Another SCP-939 instance will be patrolling this area in a clockwise direction.

The third and final section contains a linear corridor leading to the exit, with a square-shaped area with an inaccessible lift connecting to the left-hand wall. Another SCP-939 instance will patrol around the edges of the lift. Caution is advised as it goes in a clockwise circle around the inaccessible lift there, meaning it crosses through the corridor.

T-Shaped Hallway[ | ]

As the name suggests, the T-shaped hallway is in the shape of a T, with three doors at either end of the halls. Two variations of this hallway can be found.

The first variant contains a grated section with running machinery. The second variant contains water pipes, accompanied by the sounds of dripping water.

An event can randomly occur when the player enters the room where a scientist's corpse will fall from the ceiling after SCP-106 ejects him from the Pocket Dimension. The player can also occasionally find a large sinkhole in the center of the room. Standing on it will cause the player to sink into it and be teleported to the Pocket Dimension.

Four-Way Hallway[ | ]

The four-way hallway is similar in appearance to the T-shaped hallways, but containing a fourth entrance as well as an inaccessible catwalk that can be found above the fourth entrance. The player can also occasionally find a large sinkhole in the center of the room. Standing on it will cause the player to sink into it and be teleported to the Pocket Dimension.

On occasion, SCP-049 can be seen on the catwalk, staring at the player.

Another variation of this hallway can be found without an overhead catwalk.