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Map creator

The map creator, without a loaded map.

The Map Creator is a tool that allows users to generate their own maps for SCP - Containment Breach. It can be found in the directory SCP - Containment Breach/Map Creator/MapCreator.exe. It utilizes a grid-like map system, allowing users to create maps with relative ease.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The editor is divided into two separate sections. The main section is represented by a grid, with each square representing a room. The grid is divided into three colors to represent the respective zones: white for the Light Containment Zone, red for the Heavy Containment Zone and yellow for the Entrance Zone. A pink row and an orange row represent the checkpoints between the zones. When a room is placed, it will be represented by a shape inside the square depending on the type of room; rooms with two entrances/exits are represented by a rectangle with two openings, rooms that have a 90º turn will be a smaller square with two openings on adjacent sides, and so on. At the top of the grid are three tabs which allow the user to switch between editing the configuration for the main facility, the maintenance tunnels and the path through SCP-860-1. The maintenance tunnels use an all-white grid of the same size as the main facility's, whereas SCP-860-1 uses a grid with squares that are four times as large.

The left-hand sidebar has two tabs which will allow the user to switch between editing the map and viewing it in 3D. The sidebar displays a list of every room in the game, more specifically every room listed in SCP - Containment Breach/Data/rooms.ini. Underneath the list are a short description of the selected room, and a drop-down menu which will allow the user to select an event. Below the drop-down menu are a description of the selected event, as well as a slider which allows the user to adjust the probability of the chosen event happening.

The editor's other functions are covered by the options at the top of the window. "File" allows the user to create a new map, open a pre-existing map, or save the current map. "Options" allows the user to toggle whether newly-placed rooms are assigned an event by default or toggle the visibility of adjacent doors in the 3D viewer. It also allows the user to adjust the size of the zones, edit the author's name and description of the map, and alter the camera for the 3D viewer. "Help" allows the user to view information for the map editor program, as well as read the instruction manual.


The user can place rooms by selecting one from the left-hand sidebar, then left-clicking a space on the grid. Right-clicking on a pre-existing room will delete it from that space.

Left-clicking a room on the grid will bring up a box below it. Here the user is able to adjust the room's rotation or modify which events can occur in addition to the probability of the event occurring, should the event type allow it. For instance: the user can choose whether or not SCP-106 will traverse in the grated hallway, or the likelihood of SCP-173 spawning in a certain lockroom. It is also possible to rotate a room by selecting the room on the grid and then left-clicking in the desired direction they wish to rotate it. The user can also click-and-hold then drag to rotate the room.

It should also be noted that the user must click the "Deselect" button after selecting a room from the sidebar before attempting to edit a space on the grid, otherwise they could end up overwriting the room.

All custom maps are able to be accessed from the "Load Game" menu.


Room Parameter Room Value
173 Class-D Cells, Intro Office and SCP-173's Containment Chamber before the breach. Placed automatically in every map.
start SCP-173's Containment Chamber and Intro Office after the breach.
008 SCP-008's Containment Chamber
room012 SCP-012's Containment Chamber
room035 SCP-035's Containment Chamber
room049 SCP-049's Containment Chamber
room079 SCP-079's Containment Chamber
lockroom2 SCP-096's Lockroom
room106 SCP-106's Containment Chamber
room205 SCP-205's Containment Chamber
roompj SCP-372's Containment Chamber
room513 SCP-513's Containment Chamber
room2scps SCP Storage Chamber
room2scps2 Containment Room 5
room860 SCP-860's Testing Chamber
coffin SCP-895's Containment Chamber
914 SCP-914's Containment Chamber
room966 SCP-966's Containment Chamber
room1123 SCP-1123's Containment Chamber
room1162 SCP-1162's Containment Chamber
room2closets Storeroom
lockroom Lockroom
lockroom3 Broken Variation of the Lockroom
room2doors T-Shaped Lockroom
room2testroom2 Small Testing Room
room2storage A hallway and storage room being affected by SCP-970
room3storage Storage Area 6
room2 Two-Way Hallway
room2_2 Large Fan Variation of the Two-Way Hallway
room2_3 Floor Lights Variation of the Two-Way Hallway
room2_4 Third Door Variation of the Two-Way Hallway
room2_5 Indented Walls Variation of the Two-Way Hallway
room2elevator Elevator Variation of the Two-Way Hallway
room2c Corner Hallway
room2c2 Variation of the Corner Hallway
room3 T-Shaped Hallway
room3_2 Variation of the T-Shaped Hallway
room3_3 Another variant of a three-door hallway
room4 Four-Way Hallway
room4_2 No Catwalk Variation of the Four-Way Hallway
room4info A four-way hallway with an info center
room2z3 Entrance Zone Variation of the Two-Way Hallway
room2z3_2 Second Entrance Zone Variation of the Two-Way Hallway
room2Cz3 Entrance Zone Variation of the Corner Hallway
room3z3 Entrance Zone Variation of the T-Shaped Hallway
room4z3 Entrance Zone Variation of the Four-Way Hallway
room1archive Archive Room
room2tesla_lcz Tesla Coil Hallway
room2tesla_hcz Heavy Containment Zone Variation of the Tesla Coil Hallway
room2tesla Entrance Zone Variation of the Tesla Coil Hallway
room2gw Security Gateway
room2gw_b Broken Variation of the Security Gateway
room3gw Entrance Zone Variation of the Security Gateway
endroom End Room
room2sl Surveillance Room
endroom2 Heavy Containment Zone Variation of the End Room
tunnel Two-Way Metal Corridor
tunnel2 Two-Way Metal Corridor with SCP-173 Spawn
room2ctunnel Corner Variation of the Metal Corridor
room2cpit A corner room with a large cube-like stucture
room3tunnel T-Shaped Variation of the Metal Corridor
room3z2 Second T-Shaped Variation of the Metal Corridor
room4tunnels Four-Way Variation of the Metal Corridor
room2pipes Grated Hallway
room2pipes2 Another variant of the two-door hallway, with caged floors and ceiling that contain various pipes.
room2pit Gas Catwalk
room3pit Three-Way Gas Catwalk
room4pit Four-Way Gas Catwalk
testroom Large Testing Chamber
room2servers Small Server Room
room2shaft Elevator Machine Room
room2tunnel Maintenance Tunnels
room2nuke Warhead Room
room2offices Basic Office
room2offices2 2-Level Office
room2offices3 Large Office
room2offices4 Variation of the 2-Level Office
room2sroom Head Office
room2poffices Doctors Quarters
room2poffices2 Conference Quarters
room3offices Shared Conference Room
room2cafeteria Cafeteria
room2ccont Electrical Center
room3servers Server Farm
room3servers2 Variation of the Server Farm
room2servers2 Server Hub
room2toilets Toilets
room1lifts Elevator Lounge
medibay Medical Bay
checkpoint1 Checkpoint Room for Light Containment and Heavy Containment
checkpoint2 Checkpoint Room for Heavy Containment and Entrance
gateaentrance Entrance to Gate A
gatea Gate A
exit1 Gate B
pocketdimension Pocket Dimension
dimension1499 SCP-1499 Dimension