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WARNING: The following may contain spoilers about the game.


SCP-008's Monitor

008 Monitor.jpg A monitor warning personnel that the chamber's safety measures have been disabled and to not approach it.

Located in SCP-008's Containment Chamber.

SCP-012's Monitor

012 Monitor.jpg A monitor containing a message from Dr. L. to Dr. Harp containing the current revision of SCP-012's arrangement. Attached is an mp3, which SCP-079 plays once the player enters the monitor's proximity.

Located in SCP-012's Containment Chamber.



Here's the revised version of the arrangement. We were unable to interpret some of the symbols and the instruments were basically just guesses, but otherwise it should be fairly close to the original score. We carried out three listening tests (the test logs were sent to you this morning) and it appears that the score has no memetic or anomalous properties.

Received file: SCP_012_ON_MOUNT_GOLGOTHA.MP3 From:DoctorL

ll Playing file: SCP_012_ON_MOUNT_GOLGOTHA.MP3"

SCP-079's Monitor

WARNING: The following may contain spoilers about the game.

Ai gallery.png A monitor showing a conversation between Dr. Maynard and SCP-079 in which Maynard gives it access to every major system of the site. This in turn leads to 079 causing the site-wide containment breach.

Located in SCP-079's Chamber Control Room.

Spoilers end here.

SCP-205's Monitor

205 Monitor.jpg A monitor displaying a conversation in which a staff member monitoring SCP-205's chamber notices that its cycle has started speeding up.

Located in SCP-205's Containment Chamber.

SCP-372's Monitor

372 Monitor.jpg A monitor containing a conversation between a staff member and another member monitoring SCP-066's chamber.

Located in SCP-372's Containment Chamber.

SCP-860's Monitor

860 Monitor.jpg A monitor containing a file regarding Agent Izumi Junko's upcoming exploration of SCP-860-1.

Located in SCP-860's Testing Chamber.

SCP-895's Monitor

895 Monitor.jpg A monitor containing a file titled 'Log.lf', written by a staff member named Chen previously monitoring the containment chamber.

Located in SCP-895's Containment Chamber.

"More of those “flashes” in the camera feeds today. I'm sick of reporting them. All I get is another psyc eval for my trouble. Fine, let Command suddenly see a skinned dog head pop up on their screen, and see if it's an issue then."

Conference Room Monitor

Conference Room Monitor.jpg A monitor displaying a response from O5 Command in regards to a distress email presumably sent by the former inhabitants of the conference room.

Located in the Conference Quarters.

"To:#Site Command


Re: breach

While we appreciate the concern and obvious unease of you and your staff, there is a procedure in place for these events. The site must first be locked down to prevent physical escape, and allow time to assemble the correct MTF teams for evaluation and recovery. Any subjects currently sealed in the site are to remain there for the duration of the breach event. Nothing will be allowed to exit the site until cleared by a MTF squad after a full evaluation. Any subjects exiting the facility will be considered lethally contaminated and treated as such. We currently have a full evaluation and review MTF team geared and ready to start the evaluation within 72 hours.

In addition, all outside communication needs to be severed during a lockdown to prevent memetic contamination. The fact that you neglected to do so to send the aforementioned message is unsettling. We will now manually sever all outside communication links. A disciplinary hearing will be held for remaining Command members, post evaluation and recovery."

Hooper Monitor

Hooper Monitor.jpg A log entry titled "fffsss.txt" in which Hooper complains about the Modular Site Program that's being implemented into the site, as well as Security Chief Franklin's operations in response.

Located in the Electrical Center.


""With this new modular site desing and all the improvements we've made, there's no reason to worry". Yeah, an underground maze with dozens of SCPs cramped next to each other is pretty much the safest thing I can imagine. Not to mention all these barely functional prototype stage security systems they've installed.

I've told those boys a thousand times, we're not geared to handle this many, but does anybody listen to Hooper? Noooo, you bet your ass they don't, just on and on, “the grid is fine”, blah de blah. This isn't a primary containment site, hell, it ain't even SECONDARY. We're supposed to do sample tests and paper pushing, we don't have the security set-up to handle this load, let alone the power! I've had to run the boys nonstop to keep up with all the shorts and new connection problems, and we're STILL behind!

I'm gonna kill Franklin. I come down to the central power control, and there's a goddamn Agent inside fiddlin' with the switches! I start in on him, and Mr. high-and-mighty says Security Chief Franklin said to come down and run a bypass so they can run a overload test on one of the newly active cells. Christ wept, the moron was getting ready to run a bypass alright, but on the master door controls! I threw him the hell out, and i'm still steaming too bad to try and talk to Franklin."

Dr. Maynard's Monitor

WARNING: The following may contain spoilers about the game.

Maynard Monitor.jpg A monitor revealing that someone had sent a message saying "it's out" to Dr. Maynard, to which he replied that he was "proceeding" with an unspecified task. In actuality it is Agent Skinner telling Dr. Maynard that SCP-106 has been released from containment and that he should proceed with the task of giving SCP-079 access to all of the site's major systems. This is backed up by the fact that the time of the message being sent matches up with the time of SCP-106's first breach.

Located in Dr. Maynard's Office.

Complaint Monitor

Office Monitor.jpg A monitor showing a conversation between two personnel complaining about the Modular Site Project having set up a bizarre layout for the facility.

Located in the Basic Office and SCP-1123's Containment Chamber.



Nice friggin' site. I got lost four times just trying to find the main security hub. What the hell is with this place?



I tried to warn you. It was a “modular design theory” command cooked up. Set sections, installed as needed and where needed. It was supposed to make expansion/recovery a lot easier, but it didn't really catch on. You'll get lost a couple times, but you figure it out."

Rosewood Monitor

Rosewood Monitor.jpg A monitor displaying several messages between Director Rosewood, Security Chief Franklin and site supervisors concerning the site and the recent SCP overloads.

Located in the Head Office.

"To: #Security

From: Rosewood

Have we gotten a confirmed timetable on when this damn overload will be over yet? All I get from Central is the same emergency notice. Even with the extra staff, we're having more then an acceptable amount of incidents. If something goes wrong, with all that we're holding right now, we might have to lock down the whole site.

To: Rosewood

From: Franklin

When. Not if.

Anyway, I called Site 19 this morning, and they estimated that all the necessary repairs will be done by Thursday. The other sites are in much worse condition though, and fixing them will take much longer. The Insurgency really outdid itself this time - the amount of planning and effort they put into this is almost admirable.



Please make every effort to keep any and all staff in designated work areas during D-Class transfer periods. We are aware this is a stressful time, but we all must do our parts to keep things running in as smooth a fashion as possible. We do not want another repeat of Monday's incident between D-1126 and Dr. Parks. He's still pretty shaken up, and the D-Class took three Security staff to pry off Parks, and was much worse for wear. D-Class transfer timetables will be in your inbox by 0600 every morning. Have them posted by 0700."

Nordy Monitor

Nordy.png A monitor with a chat client opened, displaying a conversation between an Assistant Ross and another personnel. In the conversation, Ross claims that she got locked inside the containment room when the breach started, as the chamber door locked down and she did not have the proper clearance to re-open it. Ross also mentions that strange noises are emitting from one of the storage rooms. The other client responds by saying that security is too busy to send someone to her location, shortly before contact is loss with Ross altogether.

Located in Containment Room 5.

Gate B Monitor

Gate B Monitor.jpeg This monitor displays a conversation between two personnel talking about SCP-682's escape attempt, it also mentions that the Alpha Warheads have been activated.

Located at Gate B's control room.

Dr. L.'s Monitor

Dr. L Monitor.jpg

Dr. L Monitor Clear.png

A monitor in which Dr. L. discusses SCP-106's first breach.

Located in Dr. L.'s Office.

"They just settled SCP-106 in to containment. Holy hell. The mobile containment module was unlike anything I've ever seen. I've never seen Security so jumpy, either. Apparently, during the last transfer, it got loose and took three guards. They still haven't been recovered. I had to sign off on the final SCP-compliance sheet, and I was more than happy to get the hell out of there, along with everyone else. It's eerie, walking near the service areas, and hearing that deep, bass hum of the electromagnets...and knowing what they're holding up. I felt...observed, when I went near the cell. Unsettling."

Old Monitors

Some monitors during the development of SCP - Containment Breach were scrapped, replaced, or heavily altered.

SCP-1074's Monitor

1074 monitor.jpg A monitor showing that Dr. Maynard was testing with SCP-1074 moments before the breach occurred.

Located in SCP-1074's Testing Chamber.