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Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox") is a Mobile Task Force squad composed of nine units separated into 3 groups. In SCP - Containment Breach, their primary task is to handle containment breaches by re-containing all active, hostile SCP instances, rescuing surviving Foundation personnel and terminating any rogue Class-D personnel.


Mobile Task Forces are groups of specially-armed forces dedicated to the SCP Foundation, with each Task Force group performing specific functions. The amount of units in an individual squad can range from 3 to over 20. Each Task Force is assigned a unique combination of a Greek letter and a number, as well as a code name.

Epsilon-11, codenamed Nine-Tailed Fox, is a Task Force specializing in the protection and re-containment of SCP items kept at the site the game takes place in. They are the primary MTF unit encountered in SCP - Containment Breach and are comprised of nine members, each member representing and identified as one tail in the groups namesake. They wield an FN P90.


When the player enters the Entrance Zone, the intercom will announce that Nine-Tailed Fox has entered the facility. At this point, the MTF units will enter the site from the Gate A entrance. Once inside, they will begin wandering around the site and upon locating the player, they will open fire at them, making them an active threat. They can also utilize security cameras as a means to track the player's location.

Nine-Tailed Fox can open any door, even those locked by a passcode, which enables them to open passcode-locked doors the player has no legitimate means to open in-game (such as the passcode-locked doors in SCP-860's Testing Chamber).

The player must use any means possible to avoid getting killed by Nine-Tailed Fox, be it by running from them or even crouching to hide. They cannot go through Tesla gates without using the radio and communicating with their commander to deactivate the Tesla gates before proceeding, so the player can use the gates as a means of eluding the MTF.

If the player is shot but manages to escape, they will begin to bleed. If the player does not use a first aid kit to treat the wounds, they will die from blood loss. The amount of damage and blood loss is determined by where the player is shot, with headshots being an instant kill. However, the player can use a ballistic vest in order to protect themselves better from incoming fire. Be forewarned, as the vest will not protect the head or the legs, and getting hit in the torso will still cause injuries and deplete the player's stamina, making escape more difficult. A heavy ballistic vest is able to protect you more, absorbing most of the damage, so, keep in mind putting the normal vest in SCP-914 to get heavy protection.

Nine-Tailed Fox can also have different reactions to each SCP they encounter. When they come into contact with SCP-173, they will immediately cease all other activities, including pursuing the player. Each member will notify the other when they are about to blink. Eventually they will place SCP-173 inside a containment box and will proceed to deliver it to its containment chamber.

Nine-Tailed Fox will also evade SCP-049 and SCP-106 when the units encounter either of them. Encountering an SCP-049-2 instance or an SCP-008 infected results in the unit attempting to eliminate the given target. If the player is caught by SCP-049 in its containment chamber, a scene plays out depicting the player, now an instance of SCP-049-2, hobbling towards three Nine-Tailed Fox members. Shortly after, they will start shooting the player, killing them.

When they encounter SCP-096, they will start up their SCRAMBLE gear, obfuscating its face whenever they view it.

WARNING: The following may contain spoilers about the game.

When approaching Gate A, a group of MTFs will be stationed outside. They will focus their sights on SCP-106 attempting to escape the facility if the player has not yet contained it. They will activate the H.I.D. Turret to make SCP-106 retreat, then go back to focusing their attention on the player if they haven't made their escape yet. If the player has contained SCP-106 then several MTF units will walk up to the player and halt them. Three will wait on the bridge, but one additional unit will wait for the player at the stairway if they attempt to bypass the bridge via the tunnel as they would when SCP-106 is escaping.

During the Gate B ending, SCP-682 breaks out of containment, forcing the Foundation to nuke the facility. If the player disabled the warheads, two MTFs will come through a nearby door and terminate the player. It should be noted that the 4 MTF Units that arrive in the Gate B ending, have a blue uniform, and are possibly Cloud-9.

Spoilers end here.


Upon detecting the player
  • "A Class-D detected."

  • "Hm, there's a Class-D nearby. Keep your eyes out."

  • "I've detected a Class-D nearby. Be watchful."

Upon locating the player
  • "Stop right there!"

  • "Class-D spotted!"

  • "You, stop!"

  • "Hey, hey! Halt!"

Upon searching for the player
  • "Come out you bastard!"

  • "Searching for Class-D."

  • "Come on out, you're gonna die anyway."

  • "Look for him."

  • "Jävla helvete, come out!"
  • "Fucking hell, come out!"

Upon killing the player
  • "Target terminated."

  • "I'm glad that's over with."

  • "Class-D has been terminated."

  • "Kill confirmed. Come on let's move out."

Upon losing sight of the player
  • "Target lost, reverting back to the original objective."

  • "Class-D has escaped us, returning to previous task."

  • "Look, he ran away... Whatever I guess he won't matter too much."

Upon locating the player at Gate A
  • "Class-D found!"

  • "There he is, start shooting!"

  • "There you are."

  • "Look, he's over there!"

  • "Aha! Found the Class-D!"

  • "Oh hey, it's a Class-D!"

Upon seeing the player at Gate A if SCP-106 is contained
  • "Stop right there! Class-D has been found."

Upon finding a Tesla Gate
  • "Nine-Tailed Fox to control, requesting the disabling of the Tesla Gate nearest to our position."


Upon locating SCP-049
  • "Watch your back, SCP-049 has just been spotted."

  • "SCP-049 is in the area, keep a lookout."

  • "SCP-049 is right on top of us, watch your back."

  • "Plague Doctor has just been spotted, everybody just stay calm."

  • "Plague Doctor has just been spotted."

Upon locating the player when they become an SCP-049-2 instance
  • "Nine-Tailed-Fox to control, an active SCP-049-2 instance detected."

Upon killing the player as an SCP-049-2 instance
  • "SCP-049-2 terminated."

Upon finding SCP-173
  • "SCP-173 spotted!"

  • "Forget about the D, keep your sight on the statue!"

  • "Blinking."

Upon putting SCP-173 into the containment box
  • "SCP-173 has been put in the containment box, taking to the containment chamber."

  • "The statue is in the box, taking to containment chamber."

  • "Command, we've boxed up SCP-173. We're moving to its containment chamber now to contain it, out."

Upon putting SCP-173 back into its containment chamber
  • "SCP-173 is in containment chamber, closing door."

  • "The statue is in the chamber, closing the door."

Upon closing the doors to SCP-173's containment chamber
  • "SCP-173 is back in containment, proceeding to next objective."

  • "SCP-173 has been secured in its containment chamber, we're moving on to the next objective. Out."

Upon encountering SCP-106
  • "SCP-106 has been spotted, running!"

  • "The Old Man is coming out, let's get the fuck out of here!"

  • "Forget about the D, we gotta run!"

  • "I've spotted SCP-106, run!"

Upon encountering SCP-096
  • "SCP-096 has been spotted. Starting SCRAMBLE gear."

  • "I've spotted SCP-096, over."