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The PA System is a site-wide automatic announcement system that can be heard in the intro sequence. The system can call a wide variety of personnel to various locations.

The following combinations are possible:

Opening line
  • "Attention."

  • "Attention please."

  • "Maintenance Crew Echo."

  • "Electrician Crew Lima."

  • "Inspection Team Sierra."

  • "Technician Team A3."

  • "Janitorial Crew 4E."

  • "Head Custodian Stayner."

  • "Head Researcher Furnice."

  • "Assistant Researcher Conway."

  • "Junior Researcher Rosing."

  • "Senior Researcher Palmer."

  • "Doctor Burke."

  • "Doctor Caldera."

  • "Doctor Clef."

  • "Doctor Kondraki."

  • "Doctor Valdeson."

  • "Assistant Researcher Kuli."

  • "Chief Electrician Wagner."

  • "Security Officer Ingresso."

  • "Communications Specialist Furnice."

  • "Transportation Dispatcher Conway."

  • "Safety Director Paxton."

  • "Research Director Reed."

  • "Security Team 12B."

  • "Security Team 7A."

  • "Security Team 3F."

  • "Security Team 11C."

  • "Sergeant Valdeson."

  • "Call on line." A series of randomized numbers will follow this line.

  • "Decontamination Gate 14."

  • "Report to."

  • "Please report to."

  • "Decontamination Gate 14."

  • "Maintenance Tunnel Checkpoint D."

  • "Service Tunnel A."

  • "Storage Complex F."

  • "Tesla Gate G6."

  • "Lavatory C30."

  • "Decontamination Checkpoint H13."

  • "Office Complex E."

  • "Office Complex Floor 3."

  • "Personnel Dormitories Floor 3."

  • "Testing Lab 5B."

  • "Office Complex B12."

  • "Gate C Administrations Complex."

  • "Storage Facilities G5."

  • "Head Office A."

  • "Cell Block Delta."

  • "Firing Range Foxtrot."

  • "Gate A."

  • "Heavy Containment Checkpoint Alpha."

  • "Entrance Checkpoint Bravo."

  • "Light Containment Checkpoint Kilo B."

  • "For maintenance."

  • "For engineering service."

  • "For janitorial service."

  • "For clean-up."

  • "For scheduled inspection."

  • "For scheduled safety inspection."

  • "For immediate decontamination clean-up."

  • "For scheduled security inspection."

  • "For briefing."

  • "For immediate service."

  • "For personnel control."

In addition to this there are also a few scripted announcements. They are listed below.

  • "Don't forget, today is pizza day, so head on down to the cafeteria to grab yourself a hot slice!"

  • "Remember, security is the first step towards a safe work environment! Stay secure, stay vigilant."

  • "A reminder, to all personnel: Motivational seminars are held at the faculty auditorium from hours 17 to 18 on Thursdays! Come on down and get motivated!"

  • "Remember to report all suspicious activity to your supervisors. Not even you are exempt from scrutiny. Stay paranoid, stay vigilant."

  • "Feeling out of shape? Drop by the faculty gymnasium and feel free to participate in a game of community badminton on sundays!"

  • "Feel tired and overworked? Freshly brewed coffee is served at the cafeteria at all hours."

  • "Come down and join our annual movie night this saturday! This years film: 'Area 51: Panic and Terror 2 miles under'!"

  • "Doctor L. Please report to Heavy Containment Checkpoint C."

  • "Attention, Doctor Maynard. Report to administrations office immediately."

  • "Maintenance Crew Alpha, report to Light Containment elevator 6A for safety inspection."

  • "Attention, Site Director Rosewood. Please report to administration complex."

  • "Attention, all p-personnel, report to [distortion]... ...i-immediately."