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Light Containment Zone[ | ]

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Heavy Containment Zone[ | ]

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Entrance Zone[ | ]

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Checkpoint Rooms[ | ]

The Checkpoint Rooms are rooms that separate each zone in the facility. Specifically, there's one between the Light Containment Zone and Heavy Containment Zone and one between the Heavy Containment and the Entrance Zone. There can be multiple checkpoints in each zone, but they all function similarly. Each one contains a security monitor flashing a warning about how SCP-008 has breached containment, with the Light Containment Zone screen adding a small piece of text below the warning saying to head to "SURVEIL_ROOM" (the surveillance room) to lift the lockdown. A security camera can be found in the Light Containment's checkpoint on the righthand side of the Heavy Containment side.

Each checkpoint room requires that a certain task before being able to cross them. In order to get through the Light Containment's checkpoint room, a lever must be flipped in the surveillance room to lift the lockdown on the zone, granting access to the Heavy Containment Zone. In order to get through the Heavy Containment's checkpoint, SCP-008 must be contained by closing the gas canister inside its containment chamber. Once it is contained the lockdown on the zone will be lifted, granting access to the Entrance Zone.

After the lockdowns are lifted, each checkpoint's doors still require keycard access. Light Containment Zone's checkpoint requires a level 3 keycard, while the Heavy Containment Zone's checkpoint requires a level 5 keycard. Both checkpoints have timed doors and will close after a few seconds, requiring the player to use the keycard every time they travel between zones.

SCP-1048 can sometimes be seen dancing in the observatory rooms. On occasion, a variation of the checkpoint rooms can be found which contains an inaccessible keypad door, making them a dead-end room.

Exits[ | ]

Exits, as their name suggests, are areas in which it is possible to leave the facility. These places usually have an elevator that can take the player up to the surface, since the site itself is mostly an underground complex.

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Other[ | ]

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