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SCP-035, referred to as the "Possessive Mask", is a harmful SCP object that can be found in SCP - Containment Breach.


SCP-035 is a white porcelain comedy/tragedy mask. Subjects close to SCP-035, or in visual contact with it, experience a strong urge to put it on. When SCP-035 is placed on the face of an individual, an alternate brain wave pattern from SCP-035 overlaps that of the original host, effectively snuffing it out and causing brain death to the subject. Subject then claims to be the consciousness contained within SCP-035. The bodies of “possessed” subjects decay at a highly accelerated rate, eventually becoming little more than mummified corpses.

SCP-035 has proven to be highly sadistic, prompting some to commit suicide and transforming others into near-mindless servants with linguistic persuasion alone. SCP-035 has stated that it has intimate knowledge of the workings of the human mind and implied that it could change anyone's views if given enough time.


SCP-035 can be heard requesting for help over the radio, stating that it knows its way around the facility and that it can help the player escape.

SCP-035 can be found in its containment chamber, attached to the face of one of the Foundation's scientists. When the player enters the control room adjacent to the chamber, SCP-035 will stand up and begin to converse with them. It will pace the room and ask to be released from confinement, stating that if the player opens the door, then it can assist them in escaping the facility. It will also attempt to prove that it's trustworthy by giving the player the passcode to the storage room containing an SCP-500 pill and SCP-035's document.

If the player activates the gas valves, SCP-035 will begin coughing and gagging while pleading with them to turn it off. Leaving the gas valves on for a long period of time will cause SCP-035's host to die.

After a few seconds SCP-035 will re-animate itself and criticize the player for their actions, stating that a Class-D like them would not live to make it out.

If the player opens the chamber door, SCP-035 will tell them one of 3 things depending on the player's actions. If they release SCP-035 immediately, it will mention that SCP-079 is in control of the facility. If they release it after activating the gas valves but deactivate it before angering SCP-035, it'll mention that Gate A is the player's best chance of escape. If they attempt to kill SCP-035 with the gas, it'll state that SCP-012 is actually a map, which is a false claim.

Once SCP-035 leaves its chamber, the player is able to enter the room. However, hostile tentacles will rise up from the ground inside the chamber and attack the player if they are close enough. If the player is wearing the heavy hazmat suit, however, they will not be harmed.

SCP-035's host can later be found dead in another location of the facility. If the player approaches the corpse then a tentacle will rise out of it.


Heard over the radio, looking for help
  • "Hello? Please? Can anyone hear me? Anyone? I need help, and medical attention too, please! I'm currently in the heavy containment zone, beyond checkpoint E, and I'm locked in SCP-035's containment chamber."

  • "Please, I know my way around this compound. If you can get me out of here, I'll help you out of the facility and to the surface!"

Upon noticing the player
  • "Oh thank god! Someone actually found me, I thought I was done for a moment there. [Chuckles]"

  • "I can get us both safely to the surface, just find the control panel in there and open the chamber doors for me."

If the player is idle for a long period of time
  • "Well, what are you waiting for?"

  • "What, do you not... Alright, I admit it, I wouldn't blame you if you don't think I look trustworthy, but please. I need your help and quickly, the mask has been stuck to my face for some time now, and I think I need medical attention or it might kill me from the inside. Just let me out and I can find us an exit in a matter of time."

  • "[Sighs] I'm starting to lose my patience here."

  • "What are you doing just standing there?"

  • "You know, the Mobile Task Force will be entering the facility any minute now, guess what they do to stray Class-D's like you?"

  • "[Voice getting gradually more demonic] Fine, good luck getting out all on your own."

  • "Are you even listening?"

  • "Alright, look. If you still don't think I'm trustworthy enough, there's a locked storage room behind you, you probably noticed that it's guarded with a 4 digit pass code. Inside is some useful equipment, as well as a pill of SCP-500. The pass code is 5731, got it? 5-7-3-1."

After the player has entered the locked storage room
  • "You see? You can trust me. Now please, just hurry and open the door!"

If the player activates the gas
  • "Wait, what the hell are you doing? What the hell are-- [Coughing] Will you please why-- [Coughing] Just please-- [Coughing] I can't breathe! No!"

If the player turns off the gas before 035 "dies"
  • "[Coughing] Thank you. [Panting] Just please, don't do that again."

  • "[Coughing] [Sigh] Ah, now, was that really necessary? I offer you some help and you try to thank me by suffocating me?"

  • "Now now, I think we got off on the wrong foot here, really. To prove that I'm not up to no good, try that locked door over there, the code is 5731, 5-7-3-1. Got it? You'll find all sorts of goodies in there OK? Please, just not the gas again."

When SCP-035 speaks after "dying"
  • "[Demonic Voice] So, you really don't want to leave this place alive, do you? You know there's no way a lone D-Class like you would make it to the surface safely. Even if you did, they'd gun you down the moment you came across their reticles."

  • "[Demonic Voice] I'll give you one more chance here, just open the chamber doors, and we'll forget about this little gas incident."

If the player opens the door for SCP-035
  • "Unfortunately, I never had any intentions of taking you with me, so this is where we part ways. But for the sake of my freedom, I have reason to believe that SCP-079 is taking control of the facility's systems, including the door system. Your best bet is to appeal to it somehow, hopefully you can come to a compromise, however it does not control the warheads, which you should disable remotely in the event that something goes wrong."

If the player opens the door for SCP-035 after activating the gas then deactivating it
  • "Unfortunately, I can't take you with me, you're too much of a liability in many ways. So yes, I did lie to you, but for the sake of my freedom. The easiest way to get out safely, is probably Gate A. The security is pretty high, but if you manage to sneak past the guards and reach the lower level under the bridge, there's an unguarded service tunnel. That's your way out."

If the player opens the door for SCP-035 after attempting to kill it with the gas
  • "I commemorate you for your help, but I have no further business with you. I have no intentions of taking a person who earned their imprisonment with me. But for the sake of my freedom, the simplest way for you to get out safely, is to go and find SCP-012 in the Light Containment Zone. If you can read between the lines, it'll be as interpretable as a map. Good luck."