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SCP-1025, or the "Encyclopedia of Diseases", is an SCP object that can be obtained in SCP - Containment Breach.

Description[ | ]

SCP-1025 is a hardcover book, approximately 1,500 pages long. The front cover and spine feature the title "The Encyclopedia of Common Diseases".

Readers of the book seem to exhibit symptoms of any disease they read about.

In-game[ | ]

SCP-1025 can be found in a storage chamber along with SCP-714 and SCP-860. If The Player decides to read SCP-1025, a random page will be selected and the player will receive any of the following:

  • Appendicitis: Displays the messages "Your stomach is aching" and "The pain in your stomach is getting unbearable" after a prolonged period of time; will significantly lower the rate of stamina regeneration after this happens.
  • Asthma: Coughing at intervals proportional to the player's remaining stamina; lowers the player's speed proportional to the player's remaining stamina.
  • Cardiac Arrest: Increases heart beat frequency, eventually leading to death.
  • Chickenpox: The message "Your skin is feeling itchy" is displayed at random intervals.
  • Common Cold: Coughing at random intervals; significantly lower the rate of stamina regeneration
  • Lung Cancer: Coughing at random intervals; lowers the rate of stamina regeneration.

There are a number of ways to negate SCP-1025's effects; an upgraded Gas Mask can negate the effects of lung cancer and the common cold, but not cure them. SCP-500 is capable of curing all symptoms. If the player is wearing SCP-714, then they won't develop any of the symptoms. However, applying the ring after reading the page will not cure the effects or prevent them from happening.

Gallery[ | ]

Readable pages of SCP-1025