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SCP-939, also known as "With Many Voices", is a hostile SCP encountered in SCP - Containment Breach.


SCP-939 are pack-based predators. Their primary method of luring prey is the imitation of human speech in the voices of prior victims, often in a fashion that implies significant distress.


Three specimens of SCP-939 can be found in Storage Area 6. Each will be patrolling the area in a clockwise pattern. Upon approaching an instance, it will mimic the voice of Foundation personnel in an attempt to lure the player towards it. When it senses the player it'll take chase and attempt to kill them.

When the player is in close proximity of a SCP-939 instance, it will detect the player's footsteps. Crouching or walking decreases chance of detection, but doesn't prevent it completely. When the player gets detected, SCP-939 will begin pursuit until losing track of the player.

SCP-939 are not very capable of chasing the player around a corner. After approximately 1-3 corners, the SCP-939 specimen will stand still shortly before returning to its clockwise pattern.

SCP-939 are not detectable by the S-Nav Ultimate.


Specimen One

Upon detecting the player
  • "Who the hell is there?!"

  • "Show yourself!"

  • "Who's there?!"

Luring the player
  • "Hello?"

  • "Is there someone there?"

  • "To think, today of all days."

  • "[sigh] I hope the rest of them are alright."

  • "I wonder what the hell's going on up there."

  • "[sigh]"

  • "H..hello?"

  • " someone there?"

  • "Researcher Tole to main, please respond."

  • "Tole to main, anyone out there?"

Attacking the player

Specimen Two

Upon detecting the player
  • "What the hell are you?"

  • "Hey, who's there?!"

  • "Oh god, what the hell is that?!"

Luring the player
  • "H-hello?"

  • "Heh...maybe I'm just hearing things."

  • "Hello? Who's there?"

  • "Are you okay?"

  • "Where are you?"

  • "Are you injured?"

  • "Hello?"

  • "Who's down here?"

  • "Anyone down here?"

Attacking the player

  • "No!"

Specimen Three

Upon detecting the player
  • "Oh thank god, it's just somebody else."

  • "Oh, there you are."

  • "I thought I lost you for a moment there."

Luring the player
  • "Hello?"

  • "Where are you guys? I can't see you down here."

  • "Come on out you guys stop hiding."

  • "Guys, come on. They're sending in an extraction team up here. We just gotta make our way to one of the designated shelters."

  • "Guys, come on."

  • "Guys?"

  • "Where are you?"

  • "Anyone?"

Attacking the player