SCP - Containment Breach Wiki

Here at the SCP - Containment Breach Wiki, while our main goal is to try and document everything about the game, we also have to ensure that all information is clear, written properly, and most important of all valid. Now in order for us to achieve these goals, we must make sure that all editors know and understand how to edit articles properly.

Style Guide

Sentence structure

  • Put spaces after commas and sentences.
  • If you're writing a paragraph, do not cause it to have "Huge Wall of Text" syndrome. It is not appealing to look at, let alone read. Please para-space when creating an article to make it look more presentable.


Words should only be capitalized at the start of a sentence or if the word is a name/designation. Words like guards and blinking should not be capitalized since they are common nouns and not proper nouns.

Link once

A given page should only contain one link to any other page. For example if a page links to SCP-173 in one place, then that should be the only link to SCP-173 on that page. Typically this link should be the first instance of the term in the article.

Note: If an SCP's article has a containment chamber link in its infobox then it should not be linked in the article itself.

Do not use conversational style

This is an information site - it should not read like a Facebook message.

  • Do not use internet slang (ex. "How r u?" or "c u 2nite"). If you are not 100% sure about the way a word is spelled, type it into Google or If you know that you are not the strongest speller, compose your edits in a word processor like Microsoft Word or use an Internet browser like Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome, which has spell-checking built in.
  • Do not "reply" to content others have posted. If you want to discuss a section, bring it up on the article's talk page. If you are 100% sure that something should be changed and do not think a discussion is necessary, just change it.

Be neutral

Articles should be written from a neutral point of view. Writing should not express your opinion on the subject nor should it be biased.

  • There's this weird bug where 173 can fall from the ceiling, he comes out of nowhere!
  • There is a bug where SCP-173 can clip through the walls and fall down in front of the player.

Grammar guidelines

When adding information, be sure to know the differences between the following:

It's, its

It's is a contraction, and is short for "it is", while its is a singular possessive pronoun.

  • Its yellow snow!
  • It's yellow snow!
  • It's body is covered in corrosion.
  • Its body is covered in corrosion.

A, an

Simple, should the word following it begin with a vowel, use an.

  • A iron.
  • An iron.

There, their, they're

There is an indefinite article, and describes the location of a place, item, or person. They're is a contraction which is short for "they are". Their is a singular possessive pronoun.

Effect, affect

Effect is a noun, affect is a verb.

Your, you're

Your is a possessive pronoun, you're is a contraction short for "you are".

General guidelines

When editing articles, remember take into account the following things:

  • When editing a page, please proof-read your edits to make sure that spelling and grammar is correct and that you're not adding redundant, out-dated, or made-up information.
  • Should your edits be undone, then it most likely means that you're not adding any useful information. If you do feel that your edit holds some value, then you can discuss it on the article's talk page.
  • Do not instigate "Edit Wars", meaning constantly reverting the same edit over and over again with another person. Use the talk page if you wish to debate this with the other party.
  • Remember to use the edit summary feature so that people can understand what it is you changed in the article. Please try to be constructive and avoid bashing previous edits.
  • Do not refer to an SCP as he/she, refer to them as it.
  • Refer to the player as them or they.

Image guidelines

One important thing to remember when uploading photos is to categorize them. Is it a photo of 173? Then add [[Category:SCP-173 images]] in the summary field. Is it a photo of an MTF unit and 106? Then add [[Category:MTF images]] and [[Category:SCP-106 images]]. Is it simply a photo that you want to add to your user page? Then add [[Category:User images]].

Here are also a few other things to remember when adding images.

  • Avoid adding redundant photos - for example, an SCP doesn't need to be seen from three different angles, but we do allow multiple photos of rooms or images of an SCP's different animations.
    • If you have two similar photos, put them besides each other and caption the second one with "Ditto" or "Ditto, from another angle.".
  • Do not add photographs of an SCP from the Foundation wiki, unless it is actually used in-game.
  • Remember to disable the HUD in the game's options, we don't want any cropped images.
  • The image has to be at a high quality.
    • Try to upload images in the .png format, as .jpg images tend to be low quality and grainy when resized.
  • Set the gamma slider in the options menu to its default value.
  • Make sure that the "Enable room lights" option is enabled.
  • Go to the console and type camerafog far 10000 to increase the fog distance as to avoid fog covering up parts of the image.
  • Go into SCP - Containment Breach/GFX/fog.jpg and replace it with a white square. This prevents the edges of images from being covered by a shadow.
  • Name your images descriptively for the sake of organization.
    • 908390nm25mn2.png
    • 106 being classy.png
    • Pocket Dimension throne.png

Talk page guidelines

Talk pages are essentially places where you can discuss the article and/or suggest changes to the article.

Here are a few simple guidelines you should follow.

  • Remember, the talk page is not a comment section; do not add thing such as "682 is da best!!1! <3" as it will not be tolerated.
  • Remember to sign your posts with "~~~~". This way we can tell who added the comment and also at what time the comment was added.
  • If you're replying to a post, remember to add a colon in front of the message so that a tab is inserted.
  • If you're criticizing the page or someone else's idea, please be constructive about it. Getting mad about it will make you difficult to work with.

This wiki is not...

A fanfic site

Articles on this wiki should always remain canon to SCP - Containment Breach and the SCP universe. You should not post your own SCPs, stories, characters, and especially modifications. This also means that you should not roleplay on discussion pages. If you want to do any of these go start your own fanon wiki.

A democracy

Whenever we have to make content-related decisions, we will usually put up a voting or discussion session. However, community votes/discusses will only be taken into consideration. The administrators' collective decision can and will override it if they think differently about the idea.

For example: If the majority of our community wanted us to allow the addition of mod pages to this wiki, we would still not allow them because like mentioned before, this wiki is not a fanon site.

An encyclopedia

Just because certain places, locations, or items are found in SCP - Containment Breach does not warrant them to have pages if all their information can simply be found on Wikipedia or any other site. An example would be this:

  • The CCTV Monitors are used as security cameras - This information can be found on Wikipedia.
  • The Gas Mask is an item which protects you from decontamination gas and can be refined in SCP-914. - This information can not be found on Wikipedia.


We can not guarantee that you won't come across offensive content on this wiki. An example is a quote from the Server Room Guard where he yells "Oh shit!", which should not be changed to "Oh ****!" By looking at our pages, you agree that we can not be held responsible for any material you see.

This also corresponds to vandalism. If someone vandalizes a page and adds pornographic content, or other offensive material to it, it probably won't be removed right away. Our users can not monitor the wiki 24/7, so we won't always be able to remove vandalization as soon as it appears.

An essay site

Articles should not contain opinions. They must be written from neutral point of views and should not express the writer's thoughts on the topic.

  • Do not state opinions as facts.
  • Do not state facts as opinions.
  • Do not use a judgmental language.
  • Should the article discuss a dispute, remember to describe it and not take part in it.

A walkthrough

This is a wiki, not a strategy guide. Articles are not written in How-to styles and will focus more on What it is than How to deal with it.

The SCP Foundation

This wiki is not affiliated with the SCP Foundation or its community in any way, shape, or form. We can not create SCPs, characters, or facts about existing SCPs.

The creators

Yes, this is the official wiki for the game - but that does not mean we have control over what gets added into the game.